Apr 17, 2012

The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition

A while ago Justin and I signed for the another Art House Co-op project, The Sketchbook Project: Limited Edition. It's basically the same as the regular Sketchbook Project except this one is being made into a book! A piece of artwork from every book will be published, how exciting! We've already mailed in our sketchbooks and I have to admit I kind of rushed mine. I had a good 3 months to work on mine and I ended up doing a big chunk of it in the last week. Things came up. You know.
Anyways the ones I've posted below are my favourites from my sketchbook.
Anyone see a pattern here? (hehe) I wonder which one they'll pick to put in the book?
Anyone else signed up for any projects at Art House Co-op? They have a few photography related ones too, if anyone is interested. :]

a picture of Cap, just cause. :]

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