Apr 28, 2012

Sleep all week. Party all weekend!

I never noticed how much Captain sleeps. It's a lot. He's got toys all around him yet he chooses to sleep most of the day and then gets really hyper after 8pm. What a weirdo.
Anyways, today is Justin's birthday, I'll be doing some work, then cleaning up the place and getting ready for the small get-together/party. We made skittles vodka and soaked some in gummy bears and worms. I'm so excited to try them out.
Ah I've noticed I haven't been posting a much as I normally do, Im still doing artsy stuff It's just taking me a while to find time to upload photos and get posts ready. Especially with the new layout for blogger. I don't like it. So just wanted to post a quick update that I'm still here and doing well.

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