Apr 11, 2012

Visiting the Zoo

Over the Easter weekend I didn't end up going home, and I pretty much had the weekend to myself. (which was so nice!) I decided it would be a good idea to visit the Toronto Zoo. Whenever I go visit the Zoo I always go on a random weekday so I know it'll be pretty dead and I can just take my time, watch the animals and snap some pictures... I gotta say I didn't know the Zoo would be that busy over the holiday but I guess I should have known better. I thought maybe it would have been more busy on the Monday...
Oh well, now I know better. Here are some of my favourite shots from my visit. I didn't stay long and I couldn't see all the animals since a lot of them were crowded with families. You can see a bunch more over on Flickr.
Haha, I love when I get shots of animals making faces.
All the other Zebra's were too far away to really get a good shot of them, but then I walked a little farther down and stood on a little hill and saw this guy.
The Baboons are always fun to watch. They're pretty active. The shitty thing though is that their glass windows are dirty because they are always coming up to it and interacting with people. When I came by one of them was shoving his butt right up to these little kids faces. They are so silly!
The zoo recently got a new animal, Penguins! There aren't too many of them, and they seem to be getting used to their new home still.
I went up to check them out and I noticed that they were going to get into the water soon. So I got underground as quick as I could, so I could get a few shots of them swimming underwater. Right when they jumped in, (and as I was taking my first few shots) a crowd of familes came rushing downstairs. Kids screaming with excitment and jumping infront of the windows. Infront of my shots. Infront of all my shots. (I don't really like big crowds, especially screaming kids...I went to the zoo for a relaxing stroll.) but that's okay It was Easter weekend after all. I moved on. Next time Penguins, next time!
One of the birds that was sitting inside the Penguin exhibit.
I kept walking for a while and every exhibit I passed either had a crowed of families around the window so that I couldn't see anything. Or the animal was sleeping way over on the other side, away from view. Until I came to the Giraffe exhibit, (usually the Giraffe's don't come out until it gets a lot warmer.) Then I saw something moving in the trees, a Giraffe was coming and no one else seemed to have noticed yet! I spotted the Zoo Keeper and saw he was carrying food, so I followed him and got as close to the food as possible.
I love this shot! He's like "Omg, sooo good." Obviously a big crowed gathered as soon as he started eating. He must have been young because he didn't seem that tall.
If you know me at all, you know I'm all about the Wolves. Luckily for me The Toronto Zoo has Artic Wolves. Whenever I visit the Zoo I usually go to the Wolves first to see if they're awake and if not then I make a loop around the park. I usually end up stopping by their exhibit atleast a few times. The first stop though, they were all still sleeping.
I finally found the Fox exhibit. I never see them running around though. I woke this guy up with the sound of my shutter clicking. I guess either I was really close, he has really good ears or my camera's shutter is really loud...
I was walking by the Tiger exhibit when I saw a Zoo Keeper walking this Camel. Look at all that drool/saliva. Haha.
A lot of the animals I saw the first loop around were sleeping. This guy was so cute.
That does not look comfortable.
Another cute little Kangaroo.
The Polar Bear exhibit had a big crowd around it pretty much all day.
The main reason was cause of this little guy. He's the new baby Polar Bear! Too bad I didn't end up visiting the Zoo a few months ago when he was a lot smaller.
Isn't he so cute?! I would have stayed longer to watch him but it was the biggest crowd of parents ann very loud/excited kids. I couldn't stand it for too long.
Here's one of the other Polar Bears taking a nap.
The great thing about the Wolf exhibit is that you can walk all around it and see the Wolves from different angles and follow them around. The bad thing is that there is a high fence all around it and theres only a few spots you can stand where the fence won't get in your shot. Like this shot, this guy was walking so close but he was near the fence so I had to shoot this through the fence.
The other Wolves started to wake up once I had decided that I would head home soon.
Look how cute this guy is sitting.

Next time I have to make sure I go on a week day when it won't be busy. And go right when the Zoo opens so I get to see the Wolves awake right away. The ride home was horrible, I had to transfer a lot and ended up with a huge headache for the rest of the day. I felt like it was a waste of a day but looking back at these shots, I guess it was alright. :]


  1. Love all the animals and that first photo is priceless! I can totally relate to that polar bear and his dish... he looks how I felt yesterday! =D

    Love & Lollies... Jessa

    Confessions of the Cupcake Countessa

  2. woah- even though that fox is semi-asleep, he looks fierce!

  3. you got so many cute shots! i don't go to our zoo that much anymore, i have started hating big crowds of screaming kids too.


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