May 15, 2012

Photo an hour - May 7th

Here's another go at a 'Photo an hr'. I was hoping I'd be able to do one every month but the last one I did was in Feb. Ohwell. Oh and also I want to say hello to the few new readers/followers. Yay, hit just over 200, thanks guys! :]
So this is what I did on the 7th of May...
Justin leaves for work around this time so he wakes me up by letting Cap on the bed. (That second picture of Cap is just so funny. His head looks like a weird pointy triangle!)
I take a quick shower, make the bed and check on my plants.
I make myself some breakfast and eat while I check my emails and blogs.
The painters came to paint the walls in the hallways of my building and this made Captain a bit nervous.
I do some dishes and get started on work.
While I'm working I notice how cold it is, (even with all the windows closed) so I make some tea. Yum, fruity. :]
Captain's favourite time of the day! It's time for his super-long walk around the park. Usually I walk him after I have lunch but I wasn't hungry yet so we went a bit early.
I am so hungry after our walk and make myself a grilled cheese sandwich. Then I touch up my nails. I was watching an episode of something while I did my nails, but I don't remember. It's safe to say it was either; 'Roseanne', 'Futurama' or 'American Dad'.
Work, work, work.
It's time to upload some of my work. This sometimes takes a while so It's a good time to take a little break. I watch some 'community' while we have something sweet. :]
I get back to work after my little break and stop around 7PM to have some spinach pizza. Then I work a bit more before I call it a night. Then later I head over to a friends house for movies.


  1. Its nice to read about your day. I've been a lurker of your blog for quite some time now and I really love and am inspired by your illustrations. They're very fun and colorful! thanks for sharing !

  2. i love these kinds of posts! i just love captain. he is so lanky and angular! the gif is pretty great.

    1. Haha yes he's very...weird. I love photo an hr posts!


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