May 29, 2012

Recesky Twin Lens Reflex Camera

For the longest time I've been wanting one of those DIY Camera kits. I finally ended up getting one off ebay, you can find a bunch there and all decently priced. I got the Recesky Twin Lens Reflect Camera!
I couldn't help but take this picture of Captain. He is always so nosey whenever we start doing things, he came and sat pretty much right on my feet when I started opening the box up.
Here is what was inside the box. It actually doesn't have that many parts to it and it says that it's only supposed to take anywhere from 30-60mins to put together. Well it took me maybe, about three hours! (And I even stayed up to finish it) It took me so long mainly because I wanted to make sure I was doing everything right and I didn't have english instructions! (make sure before buying online that you get english instructions) So I had to look around the net for some and I ended up using two sites, you can find them here and here. The first site explained each step very well and the second site had great pictures.
My biggest tip for any DIY camera is to read the instructions fully before starting. And don't screw everything in all the way.
The only real glitch I had was that my turning knob (with the arrows) doesn't turn, so I can't tell if it's okay to take the next picture or not. I found a fix for it but I'm assuming my first roll will be mostly double exposured and/or overlapped. Which is okay with me.
I usually only develop my film when I have a handful of them, right now I only have two ready to go. And the closest walmart to me is about an hour + away. So It'll be a few weeks before I can see what I have but the fun thing about this camera is the viewfinder!
Has anyone else made their own camera(s)? Any tips? Or links to pictures you took with it?


  1. i love those kind! i don't have one, but i love how the viewfinders look!

    1. The viewfinder is like my favourtite part. I took so many pictures it's craaazy.

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