May 1, 2012


Happy 1st of May! I just wanted to do another little update, mostly of the past weekend.
The vodka soaked gummy bears and worms turned out pretty good. I liked the gummy bears more than the worms. The worms really soaked up the vodka. When you ate the gummy bears you got a little surprise (a mini shot) of vodka. It was nice but I made too much I guess so most of them went to waste. That's okay though. It was fun trying something different.
The rest of the vodka was used to make the skittle vodka. I wasn't a big fan of the shots but I ended up mixing it with some fruit punch and it was so good! We still have most of the orange and yellow left. The green has many a shot left. We'll be saving it for the next shindig.
Here is a little somethin-somethin' I've started. I think I got this canvas on sale somewhere, I don't remember but it was cheap aaaand I regret getting it because it's very thin and not the best quality. I'll have to do a lot of layers on this one. I think I'll give her pink hair.

How was your weekend?


  1. your blog is darling! and your illustration style?! i die! totally your newest follower, lady! ;)


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