Jun 16, 2012

Camera Wishlist

My first Camera Wishlist post was made almost a year ago and a lot of the items on that first wishlist I still want/need. But there is also a lot of new things that have caught my eyes lately.
Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70, Way over my price limit, but I can dream right? Just looks so cool!
Keep Calm and Snap On Prints, I'm going to get this print. I don't know when but I will one day. Maybe some time this year.
The Camera Cookie Cutter Set, These are just cute, I don't really need them but I want them.
The Stenoflex: A Darkroom in a Box, I've always wanted to develop my own film. This would be a great way to learn and its got everything you need.

Digital Time-Lapse Camera, I love time-lapse. Im the kind of person that leaves my camera on, pointing out the window just to watch it later really fast. It's just interesting to me.
Wood Camera iPhone Case, I don't have an iphone, and I probably won't have one any time soon but If I did have one, I would want this case.
The SLR Sloop, a Camera Bag to Love, I don't really need a camera bag, I already have two but they are just the typical camera bags you see everyday. The next one I get I want it to look nice. I really like the middle one with all the colours.
Click Click Camera Print, Another print I want.

And here is a list of things I used to want;

Split-Cam, I ended up getting it from eBay and it broke. So I own one but It doesn't work and I can't justify getting another one...
The Juice Box Camera, I got this one a while ago. Probably last year and I love it.
The Tokyo Dreamer Strap, I don't need this because I found some very cool camera straps for a lot cheaper. But these still are very pretty.
Camera Table Dolly, I though I wanted this but I would probably never use it. It's just cool.
The DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit, I ended up getting this not too long ago off eBay.
Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera, I though I wanted this too, until I figured out that it was just a small crappy printer.
Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera, I thought I wanted this, I still kind of do but I really like my mini one and I don't want to have to buy two kinds of instant film.... or do it?

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