Jun 22, 2012

Goals for 2012: Update

I thought it would be a good time to make a little update on my goals I made at the start of the year. It looks like I'm about half way there. :]
1. Paint - once a month. (Yes)
I have been painting a lot. Especially now that it's a lot nicer outside and the sun coming in. Makes the whole room brighter. I'd like to think that I am keeping up with this one pretty well.

2. Get more crafty - make a doll. (Not yet)
I haven't started this one. Not even close. I'm thinking I'll probably come back to this after the summer. I seem to like to sew a lot more when it's colder outside.

3. Sew - try embroidery. (Yes)
Yay. I've done this one. I did a few small embroideries, you can find them here and here. I have some more ideas and I hope I can keep up with this.

4. Visit the Zoo (Kinda)
I've visited the Zoo once so far this year and it was pretty good, but crowded. I want to visit again once it starts getting a little cooler because that when it's more empty. I like when the animals are there just for me. :]

5. Sign up for Fan Expo 2012. (Yes)
We did sign up for this years Fan Expo and got in. Yay! Very exciting for us. The next couple of months we'll be slowly prepping for it.

6. Update my Camera. (Yes)
I got a new Pentax K-R and love it!

7. Sell online. (Not yet)
I'll probably start up my online store after the Fan Expo. So near the end of the year.

8. Be healthier. (Kinda)
This one kind of comes and goes. One week I'll been eating pretty good, not eating late, even jogging in the mornings. Then the next week I'll forget about jogging and make some cakes, brownies or something. I'd like to think I'm doing okay. Captain gets about two long walks during the day and I'm usually there for both. I think it's better that I'm kinda trying at this, than not at all.


  1. I'm exactly like you when it comes to being healthier! I do well for a while but then end up, sat on the sofa, eating cake!

    Congrats on reaching most of your goals! c: xx

  2. I am trying to be healthier. More fruit and veggies, less french fries! Haha

    1. you could....mix fries and veggies? make a veggie poutine? lol

  3. I want to go to fanexpo so bad. im assuming you mean you will be there? how exciting! say hello to norman reedus for me pretty please

    1. yeah we have a table to sell artwork and whatnot there. So we get to be there for all four days. I will say hello to everyone!

  4. Hooray for goals! They're too much fun, aren't they? I love your first one- to paint. I wish I painted more often because it is such a relaxing, beautiful hobby. And I just started selling online and absolutely love it! So much fun :D


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