Jun 4, 2012

I can sketch!

One day last week, after Justin came home and we ate dinner I felt like drawing...on paper. I haven't sketched on my sketchbook in a while. Not that I don't draw, but I've just been sketching digitally instead. I've missed the feel of a pencil and paper. It was nice, although when I made a line I didn't like, for a second I'd reach for my keyboard to undo it. Just goes to show you how much I used my computer.
I already know I'll be cleaning this one up. I love everything about it.
I might clean this one up too. I've been meaning to draw some girly girls with tattoos for a while.
This is the first one I did, kind of as a warm up.

Also, just got news that we will be at Fan Expo again this year. So I got to get some new prints together, and restock on my old ones and maybe get some paintings done! So excited! After the Expo I'll be opening up my first Etsy shop too.

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