Jun 5, 2012

Mini Instax Rainbow 2

Here is another rainbow of mini instax!
A lot of these were taken at my Moms new house. I went for a visit a few weekends back and it is filled with the most tacky yet awesome wallpapers and carpets ever! I took a whole bunch of pictures because my Mom is planning on getting rid of a lot...well probably everything. Check out the first rainbow here.
Red: This owl statue is the cover for the water well at my Moms house. Hot Pink: One of my favourite wallpapers from the new house. This ones in the bedroom. Light Pink: Justin on his birthday with his new pipe.
Orange: In the sun room of my Moms new house, the carpet is so tacky and awesome! I wish she would keep it but I know my Mom too well. Yellow: These are the stairs going into the basement, are they not just the most super awesome stairs ever?! Green: The backyard is filled with bird houses. Im not joking, I counted about 15 bird houses and theres a couple of bird nests in the trees too.
Dark Blue: Trying to take a picture of Captain and my new hair cut. I know I don't show a lot of pictures of myself on here but my hair used to be half way down my back. Blue: I was cleaning the shelf where Justins Pez collection sits and decided to take a quick picture of them. These don't include the doubles and the handful of new ones he got but hasn't opened yet.
Light Blue: I don't know if I've ever posted this one but this is one of Captain running from room to room. This is him mid jump. Purple: Another picture of Captain and I.


  1. your new haircut is cute! and i love your moms new house! to bad she is going to update it! those stairs!


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