Jun 30, 2012

Movies of June Review

Oh we were waiting for this one for so long. Although I really liked the movie and it kept my attention the whole time... I felt just a tiny bit of a let down. The trailer made it seem/feel so much better. Maybe it was the awesome music inthe trailer that never showed up in the movie? Either way still such a good movie. But you don't see as many aliens as you'd like it, Well...I wanted to see more of them.
Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted
Yay, Such a fun movie for the whole family. Justin and I were like the only people in the theatre, until at the start of the previews... a random girl and guy came in. Not together and sat far away from us. I guess more people are starting to go to movies alone. (which is cool, I do it too.) This movie was so fun, It did get kind of weird at one point, I was like...wait this is just too 'this-is-a-childrens-movie' but then it balanced itself out. Lots of laughs. Plus I love aything to do with the circus.... and animation and animals and colour. Go see this if you're looking for something light and fun.
Rock of Ages
For some reason I totally forgot this this movie was a musical. The movie started and the girl started singing pretty much right away and my first reaction was, 'whoa...wait. what?' I don't know how I forgot about it. But anyways this movie, maybe not the best but it was fun! There were some parts (with and without singing) where I was like.. ugh. But over all I was smiling, even sang along to a few of the songs. If you're thinking this ones going to be a fun movie for the family...probably not. Lots of adult humour...obviously lots of sex jokes too, etc. I would probably enjoy watching this one again if I was having a girls night or something. And Tom Curise and Russell Brand were the best part of this movie, for me anyways.
Yay. It finally came out! So excited for this for so long. So, Great movie but I don't think it's one of Pixar's best though. (I still really like Up, Wall-e, TS3!) This was such a different take on the classic 'princess' movies we/I grew up with. No prince in this one. I love the ever-growing relationship between the Mother and daughter. That is what this movie is about, the mother-daughter relationship. And actually, in some ways I feel like the Mother learned and grew more than her daughter. Even though this is an animated film, and directed towards kids, (because people always think, oh cartoon = for kids. Not true!) I wouldn't let super-duper young kids see this. There were a few 'scary parts' and maybe some adult humour thrown in there. Over all though, I loved it. I love her hair. It's so crazy!
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
The day after we saw Brave, we went to go see this one. Justin was really interested in seeing it. It was supposed to be out in our local theatre but that never happened. So we had to travel a bit to see this one. I really liked this movie. I love how different the vampires looked, I like how well they wove together the real story with the made up one. It did feel a bit long at some points but the fighting was great! They made it look pretty awesome. Don't go into this moving with a serious attitude, it's not like that. You're going to see this just for the vampire-fighting-and-look-who-it-is-good-ol-abraham-lincoln! Maybe more of a guy movie but I really liked it.
Yes, we went and saw Ghostbusters at the Fox. I know, not a new movie I shouldn't technically write about it but I did pay to see it in theatre...and it's been a long time since I've seen it. So it was basically a new movie to me. I barely remembered anything! Anways, after seeing this...I think maybe this is one of the very few movies where Im okay if they make a re-make of it. Infact I think it's time. The animation was...so bad. Some of the effects were pretty good. But the demon-dog things..Oh my!

Also, Happy Canada day tomorrow! :D

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