Jun 2, 2012

Movies of May Review

The Five-Year Engagement
I. Loved. This. Movie. It was so cute and funny. Yes, it obviously had some weird awkward moments, which made it feel more real because that's life. I don't know if anyone knows this but Alison Brie, from Community (which is a flippin' awesome show, reminds me of scrubs.) plays the sister and she does an awesome job. She just does such a great job being cute and funny. She'll go far and I hope to see her in more movies. The movie did feel a big long-ish but I didn't mind it. My faced ended up hurting the last 20mins of the movie because I had a huge smile the whole time.

Rant: We usually end up going to the movies on cheap nights, (save some money, plus we have a membership at our local movie theatre.) At the last minute a group of, I want to saaay mid to late 30's (Maybe older? They sounded like they could be my Mom/Dad) showed up and sat a few seats from us. They talked the whole time. Throughout the whole damn movie. I was sitting in the middle so it was mostly Justin that heard most of it. And Justin is the type of person to say something,  and when he does it almost always works, pretty much everytime. He just has to tell whoever once and they get it. We'll these people talked back, which was pretty much rude and immature. I mean com'on you're clearly supposed to be adults and you're talking back like you're 10 years old.
Ugh. They should have just not said anything and watched the damn movie! Instead, after we agreed that it was no use in telling them to be quiet and try to just enjoy the movie, they just kept on talking. Even mockingly. I don't understand some, most people, (because people talking during movies, happens a lot.) you're paying to watch a movie, why would you spend the whole time talking? You can't get the whole movie while talking, you're gonna miss good parts! And I know they do because they talk, then something funny happens. Everyone laughs. Then one persons like 'hey, what happened? why did everyone laugh?' and then someone explains it. (more talking!) Then something else happens and it starts again! Just shut up and watch the movie! And if you find the movie so boring that you start talking, then just leave. Go get your money back!
P.S. Sorry for the rant, believe it or not it was twice as long because I wrote it the next day. I was still so mad about it.
The Avengers
Awesome. So good! We were so nervous about this movie not being good...but it was better than what I expected. I didn't expect to laugh so much either. My favourites have always been Iron Man and Thor, and I gotta say Iron Man's character is just too good but Hulk stole the show for me. Justin and I ended up talking about the movie all the way home. We ended up seeing it in one of the nicer theatres and in IMAX, just because this movie is one of the ones Justin has really been waiting for. I'm glad we spent the extra money. Worth it. Even if you're not into super heros that much, it's still a great watch. Great action and the characters interacting with eachother is fun to watch.
Overall, it was okay. I saw one trailer of this, and obviously knew it was just pure action. I will say that I did get a little bored at one point. But if you're really into action, fighting, cars and guns then go check this movie out. But don't expect to be 'wow'-ed by it.
Dark Shadows
I made a mental to myself to not go out of my way to see this movie because the trailer didn't make it seem too exciting. (to me.) We were actually trying to go see battleship but when we got inside the theatre it was packed! So we changed movies and the only other movie we were insterested in seeing was this. So why not? We're here... Anyways it wasn't too bad. I thought this would be more of a family movie but it wasn't. Had a handful of sexual jokes and such. It did have a few funny moments which I liked. I've always been a big fan of Tim Burton movies (well, who isn't? He isn't popular because no one watches his movies...) but lately it's getting a bit repetitive. I really miss his older movies, the ones I'd consider classics now. I wish he'd spend more time on his movies instead of rushing to get them done and maybe try out some different actors... Ayways I did like the costumes and there effects were pretty good. I liked how there was even a hint of Beetlejuice-like charm in it.
I'd like to start out by saying, I didn't pick this movie but I also wasn't forced to go. I really really did not like this movie. Why do people make movies like this one? I will say this.. this is clearly a guy movie. Action, uniforms, guns, honour, guy humour. I guess it wasn't horrible, (I've seen way worse) but It could have been so much more. The first 5 minutes of the movie was off to such a good start! And then it went into hardcore 'We-are-men-the-army-is-awesome-and-we-are-awesome.' Blah blah blah... Another thing that really bothers me about this movie (and movies like this) is that there were a lot of parts that made no sense! And people are just supposed to accept that? No! You get a good look at the alien ship....anyways, I wish I could go into detail but then I'd ruin the movie for you. But for those people that saw it, you probably know what I'm talkin' about. If your theatre offers cheap night deals I would say go see it then. Don't pay full price for this one.
Jiro Dreams of Sushi
I don't see many documentry-like films in theatre, even though I loooove documentries! I mean I'll watch it even if I think I wouldn't be interested in it just because its a fun way to learn about things... Anyways, I saw this in the oldest theatre in Toronto, Canada, the Fox theatre. I've know about it for about a year but for some reason never got around to visiting it. I forgot what made me remember it but anyways I did, quickly looked up the site and saw that this was one of the movies playing and it felt like it was ment to be... because I love sushi (maki)! If you're into documentries and/or sushi or like the Japanese culture then go see this. It's very different and it made me hungry for sushi afterwards.
Men in Black 3
Ahh, coming out of the movie theatre we were in such a good mood. You know this is one of those movies that you remember growing up and watching. I really enjoyed this one, and best of all no one talked during the movie! I will say I was a bit disappointed that there weren't more aliens showing up. I mean, we have more advanced technology now to my the aliens look so cool. Half way through the movie I thought to myself 'okay this is totally what's going to happen...' and in the end I was wrong. (which is good, I don't like knowing the ending before it happens) What a twist! Worth a watch if you are/were a big fan of MIB.
Snow White and the Huntsman
I liked the first half of the movie better than the second half. But overall it was still a good movie, I didn't leave the theatre thinking I wasted my money. I just, I guess I'm not the biggest Kristen Stewart fan, not a big fan of her open-mouth acting...If they had anyone else play snow white I would have probably enjoyed it a lot more. The effects in this movie though were pretty sweet, some parts not so much but it was good where it needed to be. The end wasn't that great, felt like the whole movie was building up to something awesome but then...eh. Oh I also want to mention that Charlize Theron did an amazing job in this movie!

Rant: Another group of people, sat behind us and talked the whole time they sat down. Through all the little trivia games, through the trailers and then through the first 15mins of the movie. Justin and I were already kind of in a bad mood. He had to tell them three times to keep it down. But they just kept going. Eventually they did stop though. They wern't even whispering. This one guy was just yelling things out and this girl kept making comments about everything in the movie. Like the first time you see Kristen Stewart...all you here is '....beelllllaaa' (In the most herp-a-derp voice here too)Was that supposed to be funny? Yes we get it. Shut up! And after Justin told them all to shut up, I started hearing comments like, 'Oh that little girl is so cute' etc. Why can't people just shut their mouths and just watch?!

P.S. Can I just say how excited I am for Prometheus, Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man and Brave. This is gonna be a good summer for movies.


  1. i get bored in action movies, but i enjoyed the avengers. i liked that it was funny and i liked most of the characters except i hate iron man! (and am probably the only person on earth, haha). i liked MIB3 as well. I wish there had been more aliens, but i loved how the headquarters looked when they went back in time. So funny!
    i HATE it when people talk through the whole movie too! especially when they make their friends explain what happened. ugggh.

    1. Ah yes, the headquarters looks so cool and funny. People talking during movies is why we've started to go to the more pricey theatres for some of the movies we really want to enjoy and watch. Plus going on not-opening night helps, maybe like a week or two after its been out. But its hard because we get so excited and we see a lot of movies...I just don't understand some people.


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