Jun 25, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I went back home last week for a few days. One of the days everybody was out busy doing their own thang...so I went shopping.
This is just some of the things I came back with. Not pictured; Some jean shorts, a bunch of fabric and art supply-like things. I was really excited to find some summer shirts and dresses but Oh my I found nothing! Not even anything to try on. So I went looking for shorts and luckily I found a bunch I liked.
I hope that accordion record sounds good. I'm a sucker for accordions. I mean theres a picture of a bunch of accordion players on it so...must be good right?
Also, sorry. No up-close picture of those shoes. I just needed a new pair of everyday shoes, my old ones were falling apart.
Love this funky jar and for just $2, I couldn't not get it. Is this for candles? I'm going to put my button collection in it.
Probably won't ever use this for soup but I'm crazy about big mugs. You can put so much drink in there!

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  1. i love soup bowls like that. i use them all the time! the handle is so handy so you don't burn yourself with the hot soup!


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