Jun 26, 2012

WIP and Life

Pretty/cute girl number 839j6dr648k8921... you get the idea. :]
Work got extended a bit. Technically we should have been done by now. So (for now...as of now...) I have just less than a month of work left. (Works out great because I'll be done my contract right after my birthday.) So it's crunch time!
I'm a bit behind too and I don't like that feeling of being late/behind on things. Im hoping I'll get caugh up in a few days. Work work work..till I'm very sleepy.
BTW, this was something I started some time last week, just haven't gotten a chance to sit down and finish her. I won't let myself finish her until I get caught up on my work. I think she'll have some cool tattoos and maybe blue hair?


  1. :) she looks like she'll turn out cute!
    Tattoos sound cool.


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