Jun 13, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

So it has been a while since I've gone to any thrift stores. Not that I don't want to but I don't really have any that are close by. Back home I would go atleast once a week, especially in the summer time. Last week I had a weird dream and it reminded me of how my Mom and I would go garage/yard sale shopping on weekends when I was younger. She would always be looking for plant pots or stands and I would always check out any toys, CDs and VHS tapes. A lot of my VHS collection was thanks to yard sales!
Anyways this got me thinking...If I can't really go thrifting as much as I want to then lets see if there are any yard sales around. I looked around online and found 4 in my area. I actually ended up finding 5 more while I was out over the weekend, I guess not everyone posts about them online.
(p.s. while I was searching online for yard sales I found an estate sale! It was waaay out of my way for me, but it was in Toronto and it gives me hope that one day i'll be able to go to one!)
The first two yard sales I went to were my favourites!
This is what I came back with. Not a huge load but I'm happy.
The first yard sale I found online was the farthest one for me. I should have gone to this one sooner. I think most of them set up around 8? I was there around 9:30.
Anyways This yard sale had so much vintage stuff but sadly a lot of if was in very bad condition. They had some knick knacks, an old typewriter (it looked so dirty), a very old record player, an old drying rack, some lamps that had deers on them. But like I said everything looked like it was covered in dirt and mud and it looked like no one wanted to touch anything. I did find this cute frame though for $2. The colour really popped at me.
Here are the details, It looks like there is a cat or lion on the top, a deer on the bottom and either just human faces on the sides or maybe trolls?
The next yard sale I found as I was walking back home, I kept seeing signs for it and it had a list of the things they were selling. All I needed to see were the words, 'cameras, records and comic books' and I was there! As I was coming up to the yard sale, there were a  bunch of people leaving with handfulls of stuff and chairs and couches! (good sign) This was a good sale, they had so much stuff! I stayed there for a while, their cameras weren't that great. But they had two boxes of records, nothing I really knew but I found this Gigi record for my friend for only $1.
They also had a lot of glass stuff, DVDs (but there was a crowd around them and I couldn't get by) I found a cute little owl figure but I decided not to get it since I feel like I have too many owl things already.
There was also a box of old comic books. I went through them for justin but then I started finding cat woman and wonder woman comics and I got a few for me too. A $1 each.
Then after going to a few let-me-down yard sales, (advertised as a huge sale but didn't mention it was all baby clothes... people trying to sell things that are clearly ment for the trash can..or just not my thing etc...) I found another ad for a street sale. Oh gotta love street sales. There were about 10 houses in total on that street that were selling, and mostly baby/kid stuff and old furniture. I found a few tables and book shelves that I could have asked about but had no way of getting it back home. I did find one house that had a few boxes of records. Again a lot of them were ones I didn't know about, but I did find Revolver for $2.

All and all a good batch. I'm glad I went out, but I think I have to remember to go to these things earlier.
Anyone else gone to any yard sales yet?


  1. we went to some yard sales this past weekend too. it is a bummer that they are so hit and miss. after going to 4 bad ones in a row i kind of lose interest. i like that frame! and i really hope you can go to an estate sale soon! i'm learning that i'm kind of lucky with how many there are in my area. there are 10 this weekend! none of them seem to have vintage though. oh well.

    1. Oh man, you are so lucky! Even if they don't have vintage I would still want to go. Just to see.

  2. Wow, great finds. I just started collecting comics. It's addictive!

    1. It is addictive, we have so many already but what the hey. Why not!


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