Jul 2, 2012

Cute girl with doodle tattoos

Yay. I found some time here and there to finish this baby. If you're interested you can find the original sketch here.
I don't know If I like her more with or without her tattoo doodles. What do you think? She does look kind of empty without something on her skin... Maybe I'll update this one later with some more better (prettier) tattoos, instead of these scribbles.
That last one is just me playing with the colours. She looks like an alien or something. Trying to stay away from pink hair. After looking at my prints the other day I noticed I use pink and yellow a lot in my artwork, especially for hair. Not sayin' its a bad thing but trying to change it up a bit, yo.


  1. I loooove your art! I like her way beetter with tatts, I love the whole cute but punky thing! I love the owl and deer and octopus and wolf!!!

    1. Thanks! Im starting to like to tattooed version more and more.

  2. ah, love the tattoos! So adorable!


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