Jul 4, 2012

Fireworks, Ooo ahh.

I love fireworks. I don't know why I like them so much but I just do. They're so pretty and loud and big. Obviously these were taken on Canada day on the 1st. But it's the 4th today so Happy 4th of July to all you Americans. :]
Waiting for the fireworks to start. We got there a bit early so I could find a good spot on the beach.
Here is Justin finishing off my candy apple. It was my first one ever, but I did not like it. It was too hard to eat and messy. And when I finally did get a bite of it, it hurt my teeth. I'll stick to chocolate dipped ones, thanks.
Before the fire works we stopped through the park to get some snacks and drinks. We like to relax once in a while with little cigars. Mine was fruity.
And below is a little video I took. The funny thing is, I put my camera down right when the big finale came. So I didn't capture the best part of the fireworks. Ohwell. I also sped it up a bit.
P.S. Did you catch the smiley face? :]


  1. i don't like candy apples either, i like the caramel ones with peanuts on the outside! mmm.
    i have to to work today so no fireworks for me, which is a bummer because downtown nashville does one of the biggest displays in the country! ugh.

    1. I wish they had some caramel ones! The candy was just too hard on my teeth.
      Aww that sucks. Maybe you can find some videos of it online somewhere tomorrow? Theres always next year too I guess.


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