Jul 11, 2012

Giveaway: Cute ring and a Print (closed)

It's that time again, giveaway time! This is in celebration of my birthday, which is on the 13th of July. (This friday.) Yay! So I want to share the love with a little giveaway.
For this giveaway I have some of my prints I'm offering but also something a little new. I've been working the past few months on some cute ring designs...
P.S. For prints, I am only offering the six prints in the photo above. If you want a more detailed look at them you can find them here. For rings, I am only offering the 4 cupcake rings in the photos above. The mushroom ring however I have them available in more colours.

Here we go!
What: Win a cupcake OR a mushroom ring AND an art print! All your choice, Only one mushroom ring is pictured but I have them in other colours.

When: You have until the 20th of July to enter.

Who: Anyone, as long as you are a follower of my blog. :]

How to Enter: Leave a comment telling me your favourite kind of posts on here. (like; sketch posts, photos of my dog, WIP, thrifting, etc.) You could also tell me your fave ring, cupcake or mushroom?

Extra: (separate comments for each, please.)
- You can tweet about the giveaway.
- Share about the giveaway on facebook, tumblr or on your own blog/website.
- Like my facebook page.

Good luck!


  1. Oh wow. Actual wow. They are so cute, and so individual. The sort of thing you'd know would make you stand out in a small but unique way. The splottery effects on the cupcake rings are divine, but the mini mushrooms are utterly gorgeous too. I think i'd have to say I like the cupcakes best though, as I eat and bake cupcakes way too much! :D I laarrveee those prints, especially the geek one, I'm a total geek, especially when it comes to Doctor Who, but thats a different story. ;D. I've rediscovered (is that even a word?) your blog recently, and I thought I already followed, but it seems not. Has your blog had a revamp in the past couple months, it seems it slipped under my radar for some reason. All I know is, from looking at a couple of your posts just now, you have AMAZERY nail painting skills! I can hardly manage to paint mine one colour, let alone polka dots or leopard print. And your doggie-woggie is sweets! I used to have a dog, Tessa, but she's alot older now an lives with my nanny and grandad. It's like she's gone into retirement, hehe. With a massive garden to run around, and the whole countryside to wander when she feels like it. Sorry, i'm totally rambling. Bleurghh. So, thankyou for the lovely giveaway. Tata, Leah xoxox

    1. Haha, longest comment ever for me. and I love it! Thanks. I think I like the cupcake rings a little more than the mushroom ones too.
      And yes I think I changed my blog around a bit a couple of months ago but it has been like this for a while. Thanks for coming back! :D

  2. I have liked your page on FB! :D

  3. I have written about your comp and blog with a link on my blog here :



  4. I have written about your comp on Twitter here:


    Well, thats techinally my twitter account, but you can see my latest tweet about your giveaway if you scroll down a little :')

  5. I really like the digital drawings/GIF Animations and drawing sections of your blog. I really enjoy most days just checking your blog to see the new things you try and create!! I really enjoy looking at your sketches too such as when you completed ‘the sketch book project’. I also love some of the photography pieces you do such as ‘a photo every hour’ in a day. I overall love your quirky, individual style and ideas that you share on your blog.
    I love the cute mushroom ring – it reminds me of the mushrooms in the Mario games – very iconic looking. I love all your prints :)

    My blog: www.emzishere.blogspot.com

  6. I have also liked your Facebook page and shared the giveaway on my design blog: www.emzishere.blogspot.com

  7. I really really like your sketch posts. You're so talented. And all those rings are adorable! I want to win. K? thanks!


  8. Thanks for visiting on my sketch blog :)
    your blog is awesome !


  9. I'm a new follower so I don't really know what posts I like yet...
    Both the rings are really cute but I like the mushroom best :)
    Cerys ♥

  10. I'm also a new follower but I'm really loving the sketch posts - they're just amazing. I think the way you draw is really quirky and unique and I love it!
    I think that both of the rings are gorgeous but I think the mushroom tops it for me - it's amazing!

    1. BTW, I follow the blog under my yahoo account 'Pink'. :) x

  11. Firstly--HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D

    I really like when you show your work in progress and then the finished pieces. I also enjoy seeing your nail polish creations! My fav ring is the mushroom ring, so so so cuteeee

    Mary Rebecca

  12. I love your sketches and DIY (nails,clothing) style posts! I must have the mushroom! (didn't expect that one did ya?) haha

    xo Jessa


  13. Tweeted!


  14. Liked on Facebook!


  15. Hi! New follower here :) I love your nail art posts. I hardly ever paint my nails cause I don't want a boring color. Now I don't have to. Also my fav ring is the pink and green cupcake. Love it!


Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment! :]

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