Jul 31, 2012

It's almost Fan Expo time!

I wanted to make a post like this last year, about Fan Expo but I never got a chance to. (We got a lot of our information late and some of it was wrong anyways) Below you'll find the layout of the event for this year and it'll will be running from August 23 to 26.
Fan Expo is just less than a month away, can you believe it?
This will be our second year at Fan Expo, in the Artist Alley. Justin and I will be selling our artwork at table A204.
I think it's a pretty good area, I like that we're still by the main traffic of people walking by... I'd rather be nearer to the centre than facing the wall. I remember last year this one lady had a table facing the wall and she complained about it. A lot. I don't think it would stop people from coming to your table, but I think it would be boring since you have nothing to really look at. I like to people watch.
Another great thing I noticed is that we're very close to the food court this year. Last year the Artist Alley was against the far wall, I hope we'll eat a little better because last year was filled with junk food and rushed visits to Subway. Not that Subway isn't awesome. I love Subway! I plan on at least packing us some snacks this year so we don't stave or waste money on vending machines.
Anyways, I'm so excited. Ever since it started getting hot outside, all I could think about is this. It's just so fun!


  1. That's awesome! I'm still not sure if I'm going to be able to even go to Fanexpo. =/ But if I do I'll make my way to the alley and check out your stuff.


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