Jul 24, 2012

Lame Park

Last week, after I realized my contract was done and I was free to do whatever I wanted... went on a walk with Captain to a new park. This park isn't super far but it isn't close by either. Lets just say that with the heat, Captain was already tired by the time we got there.
Waiting to go.
Overall the park was a huuuuge disappointment. The front of the park looked so nice. It looked like it would go into a trail, like a walking trail. Which is what I love, back in my hometown there were a bunch of walking trails through little woods near my homes. Anyways this park with a 'trail' ended within 5 minutes of entering the park. So sad. It had some nice flowers around it though... atleast now I know what's there.
It also had a cute waterfall at the front of it.
Oh, I also found this under a tree.
And here is a funny picture of Captain back home after our walk. He looks so crazy.

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