Jul 17, 2012

Mini Instax Rainbow 3

Another instax rainbow! I guess this one can be a sort of special birthday edition, because almost all of these were taken during my birthday weekend. Long story short I had big plans on taking lots of pictures all weekend with my digital cameras (and some film) but each time I went out I would either forget; the memory card/to charge the battery/bring the camera. Good thing I had my other cameras on my and my friend has brought hers too which had flash.
You can check out the other mini instax rainbows here and here. :]
Red: Night-time-beach-jumping pictures! Hot Pink: Shot at the bar, Sneaky Dee's. Light Pink: Justin trying to take a picture of me but I was like, hells no.
Orange: A shot at the bar but earlier in the night, while we ate nachos. Yellow: It was supposed to be a picture of us three but Sean was cut out. And it looks even funnier because it looks like Justin's pushing him out of the picture. Green: Sean wanted to take a picture. :D
Dark Blue: One of the picture I took with Tania on my birthday. I like this one because she looks nice and I look so weird. Don't even look like myself. Blue: Double fisting. Light Blue: The days have been hot! Purple: Another shot at the bar near the end of the night, at a different table.

I also want to point out that I hate our scanner. The last set of photos I was trying to scan turned out so bad. That was as good as I could get them! (That last one is supposed to be purple, and it looks blue.) I just gave up after probably scanning it over 10 times and always getting the same result. Ugh!!

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