Aug 29, 2012

Fan Expo Cosplayers

Here are a few pictures of some people that dressed up during Fan Expo. Most of these pictures were taken infront of the table or on my way to/from the washroom. I must say though, I did miss a lot of very good costumes, a lot of people don't actually walk through the artist alley.
So much awesome!
Another great one!
These ladies looked great.
So sweet.
I'm sure if I really tried I probably could have found all the sailor scouts.
Hello, mcfly. :]

P.S. Forgot to say a big thank you in my last post... Thank to anyone who stopped by our table and especially to anyone who bought something. You guys are all so awesome. I wish there were more expos like this that I could go to!


  1. Everyone looks awesome! I love the amount of effort put into the outfits

    louisejoyb x

  2. I keep missing all the local ones, I want to make a cool cosplay for the next!

  3. So many great costumes. I've never seen anyone dressed at fairly odd parents so that gets best costume in my eyes


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