Aug 14, 2012

Finished Shy Raccoon Painting + WIP

I finished off the Shy Raccoon painting a few days ago. (The above image is a scan) I am pretty happy with it, especially loving his sweater. I guess this one was sitting around for a while. You can see the first WIP I posted about this one here, (way back in May!) The thing is... I sketched out what I wanted to do, then I ended up being busy for a few weeks and then finally picked it up again. Then painted it over the span of a few days. Below are some WIP photos I took.
No more WIP photos of the fur after this one. I only ended up with one more photo but it was just way too blurry to post.


  1. wow you are so talented! it looks AWESOME <3

  2. Awesome!! Super cute !

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  3. Oh my lord, this is the cutest painting I have ever seen! It's beautiifull!! Great job :) I just visited and already like your blog!


    Maria :)

  4. eee! This is so adorable. I love love love the details and colors on the sweater!

  5. your technique is very detailed, colorful and SO fun :)
    just discovered your work!


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