Aug 2, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday #35

Wow, is this... this is so beautiful and amazing!
Just a very pretty shot.
Yes. More wolves please!
A very cute and pretty cat. I love seeing animals and their teeth.
A very lovely and colourful sketch. Love that tutu.


  1. Cool pics! The dew drops on the fly is amazing! Imagine taking that! I swear I once saw a pink yellow and orange striped furry fly/ bee when I was a kid but I don't think anyone believes me. I called it the candy fly or something like that.

    I like the wolf pic. It makes me laugh. I can't help imagining the snarling one is a girl telling the cowering male to f@#$ off, she's so not interested :P

    and i would like that tutu! I am a huge tutu fan. I need more tutu-esque skirts!!!

    1. you mean like this?

      maybe it had some pink on it from a flower?

  2. Oh wow that fly shot is amazing.

  3. love this shots!!! great!! Would you like following each other?


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