Aug 23, 2012


Don't worry, I'm not going to become one of the bloggers that posts an Instagram update every week/weekend. Promise. I'll probably only do it like once a month... starting next month.
1. Finally got a picture of Cap sleeping like this.  He has a lot of weird and cute sleeping positions. Whenever I get up to go get a camera he always wakes up. This is why phone cameras are so handy!
2. One of Justins gaming nights. As you can see I like to decorate most of my pictures.
3. A bunch of rings and brooches for Fan Expo.
4. Might be my favourite picture of Cap and I, so far.
5. Turned a boring yawning picture into art! Haha, no. (Also notice how this picture is very low quality? I didn't notice until a few days ago I had my camera settings on the lowest quality. I was pretty upset with myself.)
6. Menchies! Love it. All year round.
7. Been finding random short and chunky mushrooms whenever I was Cap around the park.
8. Some last minute red mushroom rings, I had a weird feeling that maybe I needed to make more.
9. A snap from one of the walks and cute new shoes.
10. At the dog park. Justin with his new almost-bald-haircut and Cap on a leash because there were too many dogs! (I counted 22 at one point) Cap would go bug one dog to the point where she'd snap at him and he wouldn't get the hint. Then a minute later two dogs would come and tag team Cap and the owner would give us dirty looks? But it was fun to see all these cute dogs together.


  1. You know what's funny? People always say that about not being one of those instagram people... but I actually really enjoy seeing people's instagram/phone posts...I'm more likely to click on those than really wordy posts. I'm not sure why... and I'm starting to feel freakish! haha

    1. Well that makes me feel a bit better. Maybe I'll do these posts more often... maybe!

  2. hi Angel! Saw you on instagram - loved your snapshots! The yawning dog is fantastic! hahah


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