Aug 15, 2012

Juice Box Photos

Here are some more photos from another roll of film, this one being from the Juice Box camera. I love this camera. If you're a fan of light leaks and burns on your pictures, you should totally go get this camera! I only wish that there was a flash option on it so I could use it more often.
I always have either the Juice Box or the Actionsampler camera in my purse at all times.
Three of the rolls of film were from the Juice box and I found a few pictures from winter. Totally forgot about these!
This ones a more recent shot from a month or so ago of Cap jumping through the water on a super hot day.


  1. Your dog is beautiful. I don't really like dogs that much, but I like yours. Bitchin' blog btw c:

  2. loving all of these rolls of film. beautiful photos, girl!
    xo TJ

  3. Such lovely photographs :) I love my juicebox camera! I do have a bad habit of somehow getting my finger in the way of the lens though :S


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