Aug 31, 2012

Movies of August Review

Total Recall
So I actually didn't really care to see this movie and well I didn't like it that much. Okay, it wasn't terrible but I didn't leave the movies thinking 'that was money well spent'. The CGI was great and lots of action-y parts but it felt like something was missing maybe more story...? or even just characters talking more instead of just running around and shooting? Also, at times I found the acting wasn't that great.
The Bourne Legacy
I wasn't really into seeing this movie either. There were a couple parts I really liked... (like the beginning!) but overall I feel... meh about it. It seemed like it wasn't really going anywhere. The ending sucked! The second half of the movie was just a big loooong chase scene... and that's it. At one point during the big chase scene I actually zoned out and when I zoned back in, nothing had changed! They were still being chased. Even if I were to call this a 'guy movie' there wasn't that much action/fighting going on. I was waiting for a big fight off or show down, you know.
Hope Springs
I'm the one that wanted to go see this one, obviously. This movie was pretty good, something a bit different from what we normally see. Had some god funny moments, had some really awkward moments... and had some sad moments. Good movie especially for anyone in a commited relationship. Justin was making little jokes before the movie started but I saw him laughing and smiling throughout the movie. 
Expendables 2
This movie, like the last one is just full of funny little one liners and lots of action. Love it. The girl was kinda useless, umm.. and that is all I can really say about this one. It's just a guy-movie with some funny back and forth talking and big guns and fists. :]
So I went to go see this one, twice. So good. I know it's kind of a childrens movie but I don't think I would let my kid under 8 watch this one. Just a bit too scary maybe. I saw a few parents with small kids walk out of this one after the first 10 minutes of so. The animation is so great. I seriously forgot it was stop-motion sometimes. And I loved all the characters, such a neat and different film.


  1. I want to see Paranorman, don't really care about the others.

    1. Haha, I agree, it's probably the best movie I saw in August.


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