Aug 1, 2012

Movies of July Review

The Amazing Spider-Man
This was sooo good. I'm not a huge fan of spider-man but obviously I know the basic story and all that. But wow, great story, action, acting... effects! Everytime he jumped into the air, it was like a beauty shot. You could tell they out a lot of time and money into this movie and it paid off. Loved it. Kept my attention the whole time. For some reason I didn't expect this movie to be funny at all, but it was. Just all around good movie. Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield looked great together. And can I just say that Andrew Garfield is such a great actor, hope I get to see more of him in the future.
Magic Mike
Yes, I went to go see this. Yes, Justin came along too. (no, I did not force him, he said it was only fair.) And yes the theatre was packed full with ladies. Haha. What can I say about this one, well I liked it. Even Justin said he liked it. Not just cause there were men dancing around but cause there was a bit of a story going on and lots of laughs. Obviously a chick flick, great for girls night. The movie does get a little serious near the end but in a good way.

Rant: During one of the trailers playing, one of the girls sitting behind us found something so funny that she spit up her drink. Justin and I got a little sprayed. Not covered in her drink, but enough spray that I could feel my hair a bit damp. I wasn't actually mad at this. She was having a good time with her friends, you know. But she never acknowledged us, and never even said anything. Never said sorry. They all just kept laughing for another minute or two. And her one friend kept repeating 'Omg that just happened.' Like 5 times. Yes that happened...apologize, maybe? You know, cause they seemed like the kind of girls that would make a big deal out of anything, if it happened to them. But its okay if it happens to someone else. Ugh.
Another thing, one of the girls kept putting her bare feet up on the empty chair beside me. Not just against the chair but on the chair, so that if I turned my hair slightly to the right I see this ugly strangers foot. I don't know who you are! Put your feet down! This is the second time this has happened to me. I don't want to be anywhere near your feet!
So if you're into Family Guy/American Dad then obviously you should go see this one. The same kind of jokes, but it is a bit more of a guys movie. But I liked it and found it funny, even though Justin laughed way more than I did. The bear looked pretty good too!
Ice Age: Continental Drift
We went to go see this one cause I just really like all the Ice Age movies. They are so cute, funny and silly. This latest one though felt like it was a lot more for little kids. Like we-have-a-lesson-for-you-to-learn-kind-of-movie. Which is fine, still liked it. Still had a couple of really funny parts.
The Dark Knight Rises
The movie we were all waiting for, like all summer! So worth the wait. So good. I have no bad things to say, other than I wish there was more! I feel like this one is a must-see and that it'll be in the theatres for the rest of the summer, for sure. Maybe the best movie of the summer? (Maybe close with The Avengers, I know a lot of people really liked that one too) I was just so pumped for this movie, and it did not let me down. I don't want to say anything else about the movie, in case people still haven't seen it. But I loved the fighting shots, and I had no real problems understanding bane, well there were a few times I only caught the end of what he was saying but I put it together...but it wasn't that bad. So good. I'm just so happy that it was such a good movie. Can't wait to see it again!

P.S I don't think I've been posting this with every months post... but the movie posters I get are off of the movie theatre sites. (Basically I just search for '_____ movie poster'.) So obviously they are not mine, nor did I take pictures of them. Just though you should know. ;]

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  1. oh man, magic mike was so good! i went to see it with some friends and laughed almost hte whole time. i haven't really seen anything else this summer, maybe I'll go see spiderman. i wasn't into the toby mcguire ones at all, but i'll give the relaunch a chance.


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