Aug 22, 2012

Off to Fan Expo!

Even though Fan Expo doesn't really start till tomorrow I wanted to make a little post... because I am too excited and nervous! As you can see in the photo above, these are some of the things I'll be selling at my table this year. (Not included is my big book of prints!) I am really interested in seeing how the bows and rings will do, and some of them are brooches too!
Like I said before Justin and I will be sharing a table again this year, A204. I will be taking plenty of pictures to show off next week. My goal is to take lots of photos of people dressed up. If anyone is interested I'll also be updating a bit on instagram, depending on the wifi situation there. If there isn't any expect a few updates early morning or late at night from me. Wish me luck. :]


  1. Good luck! I'll bet it'll be great! Well, you and your work are! xxx, Rita

    Style Lullaby

  2. I love Artist Alley at FanExpo!! I'll see you there!

  3. good luck! i hope you sell out of everything!

  4. Have fun! I wanted to go so badly to meet Norman Reedus. It would have been fun to meet you as well. Your stuff looks fantastic!


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