Aug 20, 2012

Pink Cat Painting + WIP

After finishing the Shy Raccoon, I was pretty pumped to start another painting. I found another wood canvas in my bag of canvases and papers and got started right away. I ended up posting some little WIP photos on my instagram because basically, I finished this one within 3 days! Below are a bunch of WIP photos, (some of them might look a bit different than the rest, and that is because they were taken at night.) Some times when I am really into a drawing/painting I work late into the night on it. It works out great for me because I always go to bed really tired but happy.
See that black smudge above her head? Oops... better cover that up with some hearts or something. :]
This week is Fan Expo, I will be busy finishing up any last minute drawings/paintings and cleaning the place up because from Thursday till Sunday night we will be too tired to do anything!


  1. I love it!!
    And I love the background hearts!
    Great job!

  2. you're such a talented creature, omg omg ! that cat is flawless


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