Oct 30, 2012

Captain likes Halloween

The best I could do was get Captain a festive collar since he hates wearing anything. But he did a lot better with this one, than the one I got him for Christmas last year. He only chewed on it once, then gave up. Gave up and accepted it. I see that as a sign to keep doing it! Maybe one year I'll actually be able to get him a real costume. Anyways, these were takin this past weekend the day of a Halloween party and it rained all day. So enjoy a cute (soaked) Captain.
He is so cute! Too bad it was raining so much that day.


  1. He is. The cutest thing EVER! Apart from my dogs of course...;)
    Lol if you put anything like that on either of them they would destroy it!

    1. Hehe of course. I'm still surprised he hasn't ripped it apart. Maybe I'll be able to keep it for next year too!

  2. aw he is cute! he looks so proud in that first picture!

  3. So cute! My dog would not tolerate any sort of decorative anything haha

  4. He is so so cute!!!
    By the way, you have the cutest blog design I've ever see, I really love your header!


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