Oct 31, 2012

Halloween via Instax

We ended up going to a Halloween stag and doe and a party! This was our first year where our costumes kind of went together. Justin went as the Joker (the old school version) and I was Robin. I have to admit, this is not a costume I would normally pick out for myself. It was very last minute, and I still didn't have any ideas so Justin surprised me with it. Not bad. I was more happy that we had 'matching' costumes. :]
I ended up bringing my Instax mini (with two packages of film) and my Fisheye. (Knowing me, probably won't get developed for a few months)
My favourtites. I liked how they turned out.
Justin's pretty good at the creepy smile...
This is where I ran out of white film and switched to my coloured ones.
My favourite shot out of these ones is obviously the yellow one. It's a group shot. (If the scanner worked, I would have a blown up picture to show off) The second favourite is my friend, in the blue one playing beer pong. You can see the ball in the bottom right corner of the picture!
I can't wait to see how the pictures from the Fisheye turned out.
Also expect one more post today from me!


  1. aw cute- I love that you were robin!

  2. Nice outfits, the party looks fun!

    So Robin and the Joker were together all along? Explains how the Joker was always escaping, and evading Batman. He had help from Robin. Lol.

  3. These photos turned out great. Love your costume.

    <3 Melissa

  4. Your party looks like it was fun. You both have awesome costume too! Happy Halloween!

  5. Cute outfits!

    PS: I am your newest follower :)

  6. i love this— it looks like you guys had a blast!


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