Oct 1, 2012

Hello again

I thought it would be a good idea to make a post when I would be back from my break. So here it is. I am back!
...Okay. Screw it. Long story short... Justin and I are back together. All you need to know is that we are working on some things. Some things that we have both ignored in the past. We are both happy with our decisions. Only a small group of people actually know what's going on, and they are all happy/supportive of us getting back together. (excluding my parents, who never like anything I do anyways...) I wish I could say more but I'd like to keep this part of my life private. Especially since it involves someone else's private life too. Hope you guys understand.
I want to thank all the people who left a message on my last post. Thank you for your kind and supportive words. It really means a lot to me. I really didn't think anyone would really care. I was expecting people to forget about my blog, maybe some people have but it's okay. I needed the break. I would rather stop blogging for a while than make posts that I don't care about.
When I moved back home, I ended up deactivating my facebook account... I actually really like not checking my facebook. I feel like I have so much extra time now. And I stopped caring about people's updates and photos. I feel happier. I even finished a book while I was at home. I'm really debating if I should log back on it or just leave it alone... Maybe i'll just check it once a week?
The break overall, was good for me. I mean it wasn't all great but I'd like to focus more on what good came out of all this. Because that is how I roll. That's how we should all roll!
Moving back home, it wasn't the greatest experience for me. The only thing I really unpacked was my computer and some clothes. (Maybe that was a sign? haha) I hung out with my best bud on almost all her days off, which was awesome! We went to value village a lot, walked around a few different malls and just hung out. I miss her. Talking via text/online isn't the same as talking in person. My brother ended up getting a heart virus and had to be off work for a month. (he's fine now) So we ended up hanging out a lot at home too. Watching a lot of movies, playing some games etc. I ended up telling my parents about having found animation work. I told them about what studios and shows I worked on. (I don't know if anyone knew this but for some reason I never told my parents about getting my first animation job) They were happy for me, that I had found work in the past but still think I'm on the wrong path. This whole thing has Justin and I talking a lot more. Not that we didn't talk before but now, we talk a lot. Since moving back, We've rearranged the living room, bedroom and my work area. We're also all set up for Halloween too. Woo.
Whats everyone been up to? What have I missed?

P.S. All the photos are via my instagram. I stopped blogging for a while but I couldn't stop taking pictures. So I'm sure a few people who follow me there were probably confused about seeing pictures of Captain again.

P.P.S. Please note that I have re-done this post so many times! I'm really bad at wording things.


  1. Good luck for the two of you!! :)

  2. i'm really behind in my reader but i had to leave a comment anyway! i think it is good to take a break and i have thought about deleting my facebook. i check it every day, but usually for just a minute or two.
    i'm glad to see captain again! he is one of my favorite dogs on the internet.


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