Oct 10, 2012

What I Wore: Cat pooping cats

Pants: Old Navy
Shoes: Thirfted
This is typically what I normally wear to; walk Cap, the movies, go shopping, go out, etc. If I'm going out, I'll usually put something in my hair though. By the way, yes that's a cat poopin' out other cats on my shirt. Or I guess it's actually a mama cat birthing a lot of kittens? Anyways, the shirt is from 6 Dollar shirts and they are seriously just $6 and the shipping is very cheap too. Justin and I already own a bunch of shirts from this site. Last time we got the 10 shirts for $50 deal. So worth it. The shirts are pretty good quality too.
P.S. 6 Dollar Shirts didn't pay me to talk about them on my blog, I just really like the site and cheap shirts.

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  1. haha, adorable shirt! and I love the decorations behind you! :)


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