Nov 28, 2012

Instagram lately

1. Put up the christmas tree! It looks a lot fuller this year because we got a bunch of ornaments from our families.
2. Captain trying to seduce me, I think.
3. Slowly working through an origami book I bought a long time ago. (Thinking about doing little tutorials...)
4. Got around to organizing the arts and crafts shelf. I love seeing my art stuff all organized and on display.
5. The mall I currently work at has a pet store! I was about to take a bunch of pictures of the cute kitties, until I found these awesome hairless guinea pigs.
6. I get up pretty early to go to work each day. It's always cold and foggy. This is what I do while I wait at the bus stops.
7. Chocolates Justin got me. Nothing special, but I was just so happy to eat them.
8. One of my trips to the beach with the Cap-attack. I love how crazy the leash looks.
I think today is also my 4 year blogoversary. Whoa. Too bad I have nothing planned.


  1. Ha Ha! #2 too is awesome, and totally seductive.

  2. Oh, so cute instagram feed :)Follow me if you like to as @heyimkarolajn

  3. Love the guinea pigs!! ~dies~

  4. Oh your dog is beautiful! That hairless guinea pig is slightly creepy though, poor guy isn't ever going to be taken home, i feel sorry for him! Found you via the Totally Awesome Blog hop, so thought I would say hi!
    Daisy Dayz


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