Nov 16, 2012

More Zombie Walk 2012

One of the fun things about attending the Zombie Walk (especially if you dress up), is looking for pictures of yourself online! The first year we went and dressed up, but I couldn't find any pictures of us. Guess we didn't really stand out.
This year, I put a little (not really) more work into my zombie outfit and a few photographers caught me. Here are the very few I've found around Facebook and Flickr.
Look at the happy zombie! Well, it's my favourite because it's the only picture of me that I found. And bonus cause Justin is in the foreground.
Not that good but there we are, right behind those guys.

And that's it. I know, it's nothing special but it was fun looking through all the photos. There were some great zombies this year. Already know what i'm doing for next year!


  1. You look amazing! I love how zombie walking has become okay now. When i did it last year everyone thought i was mad but this year everyone wanted to join. I posted about it a few weeks ago if you fancy a look at my zombie efforts. Lizz xx

    1. Hehe I remember you blog, I found it on the halloween blog hop thinger. You looked great!

  2. that top photo is great! i like doing that too. i need to make a point to do the walk again next year.

  3. Wow you looked awesome! How fun :)


  4. wow this zombie walk looks scary but kinda cool :D!!!!


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