Nov 30, 2012

WIP: Pink bat

I love bats. No clue what made me want to make a pink bat. Just went with it. Not sure when this will be done either, because well... life. It's getting busy up in here. (totally not trying to be one of those 'look-how-busy-i-am-bloggers') But It's true! 
I really dislike coming home from work and just wanting to pass out. Life should be more than just work, eat something, sleep. But that has been my life for the last couple of weeks. Hopefully things will change soon and I won't always be this tired.


  1. Pink bat is awesome!

    I could not do anything but work, eat, sleep for the first 3 months of working full time... I've adjusted now to just being able to do things and sleep less. Not as healthy, but certainly more fun.

  2. yay i love your work, you've got super awesome art talent <3 yay.
    i also love bats, these are so cute <3

  3. The pink bat is too much fun. Love its teeth!

    - Ruby (via blog hop)

  4. oh man, he is too cute!

    I hate when I fall into the work, eat, sleep routine. I always feel so unproductive and sad. I hope things work themselves out soon!


  5. Im totally with you, life should be more than work, eat, sleep! It sucks when I work all day then get home and am just too tired to do anything. I only work 3-4 days a week though, as actually spending time with my hubby is more important to me than the money. He is a bar manager so always works weekends, I work in a tourist office so would get everyother weekend off and a sun/wed the other week - I would never see him if I went full time. So we decided our time together is more important. I think people have to find the right work life balance for them.
    Daisy Dayz
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    1. Totally agree, hanging out with your loved ones is more important sometimes. But so is this job, we need the money. So it kinda sucks right now.

  6. What a cute little batty! I love your illustrations :) I'm now following your blog xx

  7. he is so sweet! i love the little mouth with all the fangs! i hope things slow down for you soon! i hate that feeling too.


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