Nov 13, 2012

St. Jacobs Farmer's (and Flea) Market

A few days ago, while I was visiting home, I ended up going to the St. Jacobs Farmers Market and Flea Market. I like markets! I was told that I had been there before but I seriously don't remember ever being there. So below are a bunch of photos I took around the market, while we shopped around. It was pretty busy, it's probably so much more busier in the summer time though. 
I also want to say, the day we went to the market, it was still pretty early and not great for picture taking... but I did anyways.
Made my Mom buy us some of these.
We got the basket of green ones and they are so good.
See that guy pointing to the basket of cabbages there? My Mom got those. All of them. All 14 of them!
Nice bright carrots.
We also got, not one but two huge brown sacks of potatos.
My brother scored this pretty cool Star Wars poster.
P.S. Ew look at the background/sky, so gross. Sorry but that's life for ya.
A couple of people had their dogs with them at their tents. Almost didn't see this guy.
Bunch of dog stuff! Next time, Cap. Next time.
 A lot more people were inside shopping. Lots of food and meat for sale.
Had to get a shot of these awesome candles. Check out the squirrel ones. They had a lot of different animals, there were also some pretty cool sea horse and owl ones.
So that was our fun morning at the market. We ended up getting lots of fresh fruits and veggies. I got a new scarf and some socks. We also had brunch there, but I was too busy picking the onions out of my wrap to take any pictures then.
So one thing I did see at the market that was interesting was animal skins and tails (like for your bag or key chains) I saw the tails, and I'll admit, I like them. I've always wanted a little fox tail or something to clip onto my bag, but I wanted it to be fake. (Faux fur!) The ones at the market were real. I don't know how I feel about this though. I'm all for taxidermy, I think it's pretty neat and hope to one day have some of my own. But these skins and tails... how am I to know how/why the animal was put down/killed. Did it suffer, what happened to the rest of the body? Did they use everything?
I remember for a while my Mom had a fox skin on the wall in the living room for a while. I liked it but at the same time I felt bad.
...aaaand that's it. I just don't like being on the fence. I'll just stick with the fake stuff, makes me feel better.


  1. I was about to click off, like I always do, and then I realised that though I am ALWAYS on your blog I never think to comment. It's a bit rude, isn't it, to stop by and not say hello? So, uhm, hi (: The market looks awesome. I love places like that where you can get fresh produce and it all smells and looks SO DARN GOOD! P.S. I love the dotty girl in your last post.

    1. Hehe, Hi!! Don't worry it's not rude, I understand it's easier (and quicker) to just read posts and move onto the next one than to stop and comment on every single one. Sometimes we just don't have the time! But thanks for leaving a comment this time though! Nice to meet ya! :D

  2. That Star Wars poster seriously rules.

  3. Yumm. All that fresh fruit and veg looks yummers.
    PS: That little dog looks like a jedi.


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