Dec 17, 2012

Christmas tree

We got our christmas tree last year, it's our first. Since we got it pretty close to christmas, we didn't really have that many ornaments. But this year, both of our families gave us a few boxes of old ornaments to use.
So this is our christmas tree!
This ones from my side, I remember we had a bunch of these cute santas.
All the (disney) character ornaments are from Justin's side. They have a lot of character ornaments!
We have a Belle ornament too.
We got matching christmas ornaments last year as a gift, from Justin's family.
I bought this one and a bunch of mini cupcake ornaments for myself on boxing day, last year.
Another old santa ornament from my side. I love that my Mom always had these old timey ornaments. But my Moms tastes have changed since I was younger, now she's into the really huge ornaments or anything fancy and made of glass.
 I love seeing all the different styles of christmas trees. Like; some people go all crazy with the colours, some people like to keep it very simple, some people have more than one tree, etc.
 Do you have any pictures of your christmas tree? I'd love to see.


  1. your tree looks so good! i have THREE trees, and i'm hopefully going to put them up tomorrow. even though it is pretty close to christmas. i love an aluminum tree with just colored balls. then i put all my special ornaments on our green tree!

    1. I hope you get set up soon. I want to see all your vintage xmas stuff!

  2. so pretty! I love decorating our tree, I must take some pictures of it this week and blog them. Merry Christmas! xx

  3. Soo many rad ornaments. I like the beast one the most. Although the lady one is pretty rad too.


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