Dec 18, 2012

Dotty girl painting + WIP

Woo, finally finished this baby. This took so much longer than I thought it would. So many dots! If I had to pick between doing this in photoshop or by paint, I'll take photoshop, anyday. It just takes more time using paint, and it's much easier to screw up. But I think it came out pretty cool.
Can you believe that I was working on this for about a month? Not every day for a month, haha. But it's been out on the art table for most of November.
No 'proper' photos of this one since we don't currently have a working scanner and it's been all dark and rainy outside for days. 
If you look closely, you can see the water in my jar slowly going down.


  1. It looks absolutely amazing! The colours, the dots, the eyelashes ... ahhh I just love everything about it! Honestly the thought of having to paint that many dots would terrify me ... you must have been seeing them in your sleep! :) x

    1. Thank you. Yes there were nights where I just couldn't look at it.

  2. That is absolutely beautiful. I agree with Aimee - you must've seen multicoloured dots behind your eyelids every time you tried to do something else!

  3. This turned out wonderful! And it's so neat to see it in progress, as the dots multiply!

  4. it turned out so amazing. i personally like the paint instead of Photoshop on this because the texture of all the dots put it over the top.

  5. i'm fall in love with your blog and your world Miss :) BRAVO !! :)

  6. I'm fall in love with your blog and your world Miss !! BRAVO !! :)

  7. Amazing. I love seeing the whole process. So much work. I love her happy little face.


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