Dec 27, 2012

Goals for 2012: Recap

Remember when I made some 2012 goals? And then I did a little update on them around the 6 month mark? Well now it's time to recap how I did.
 1. Paint - once a month. (Yes and yes)
I pretty much had this goal down at the 6 month update. The way my desk is setup now, I can have my 'painting table' right behind me. So after I do a layer of paint I can just turn around and work on some digital stuff while it dries. Pretty sha-weet set up. Check out some of the things I've been painting.

2. Get more crafty - make a doll. (Nope)
Sadly I never got around to starting a doll. I did get more crafty though. I made a bunch of bows for Fan Expo, which did great. So I'll be making those again.

3. Sew - try embroidery. (Yes)
I did do a few embroideries near the start of the year. (you can find them here and here.) But I haven't done anything new with it since.

4. Visit the Zoo (Yes)
Yes, went to the Zoo, and then I went again. It was great. I'll be going again atleast once next year too, to see the new pandas.

5. Sign up for Fan Expo 2012. (Yes)
Yep, we went to Fan Expo this year. It was great. Every year it gets better for us. We like doing these expos/cons so much that we signed up for a smaller comic con in early 2013.

6. Update my Camera. (Yes)
I got a new Pentax K-R and love it!

7. Sell online. (Nope)
I really wanted to get my online store all set up after Fan Expo but it just wasn't in the cards. I basically just didn't have enough funds for it at the time. Hoping to get started on this one in the new year.

8. Be healthier. (Nope)
Eh. I'm just going to say no for this one. I'd do great for a few days then pig out for a week straight. I just got bad habits. I'm hoping to sign up for some sort of class in the new year. Even if it's just once a week. Something new and fun to do, to get me moving.

Did you make any goals for 2012, how did you do? :]


  1. I love this recap! It makes me wish I've been blogging for a year because then I'd be able to look back and see what the heck my goals were when the year started (since I can't remember for the life of me). ;) I am doing a list for 2013 goals.

    I especially love how honest you were with your goal assessment. :)

    Cheers, Aubrey

  2. I really love reading other people's reflections on their goals and progress. Thank you for sharing yours. Soon I'm posting a list of things that I did accomplish in 2012 and then my goals for next year!


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