Dec 6, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday #39

Great idea for easter! They all look so cute, I can't pick a favourite.
Bwhaha, the face!
Great shot, look at those teeth. I love the expression of the scared wolf.
I've always wanted to take some pictures of skateboarders.
And something super cute. :]


  1. I just DIED at the hamster wedging a strawberry into its mouth. The height of adorable.

    1. Hehe, I remember when I first saw it too. I aww-ed so long. It's a pretty old picture too. It's been around.

  2. Ah! I LOVE those pokemon easter eggs! I'll really have to keep those in mind.

  3. Aaargh the pokemon easter eggs are fantasticable <3 The picture of the skater is awesome too, I'd love to do some action shots of skaters some day.

  4. hahahhaha! What is that? A Gerbil trying to stuff a strawberry in his mouth? That is so adorable!!


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