Dec 20, 2012

Photo an hour: December 7th

I probably didn't pick the best day to do a 'photo an hour', it was all foggy and rainy outside. But what the hell, I was in a photo mood. Here is my day from about two weeks ago...
Slept in a bit because I knew soon I wouldn't be able to. Woke up to Cap snuggling with me. (Yay) He then followed me into the living room where he plopped down again.
The lighting was some-what good in the bedroom so I took some pictures of my nails.
Had a pizza pocket for lunch!

Took Cap out for his walk. It was an ugly day.
I went out again to the bank. Saw this cute guy on my way back. He was very friendly.
2 - 3PM
Did a bit of painting while I photoshopped some pictures and did other internet stuff.
4 - 5PM
I decided to make pretzels. Sadly, someone forgot to mention that we were out of parchment paper... Long story short my pretzels came out burnt. Parchment paper is very important!
Got picked up by my little brother and we headed back to Cambridge for a little visit. Then I stopped taking pictures because I was tired and it was dark.


  1. is that a black squirrel? I didn't know they existed!!

    1. Yeah, why not. There are brown, red and grey ones too. :]

  2. I love your dog so much! And wow, I know I left a comment on the Dotty Girl post under an hour ago (or at least I think it was under an hour ago - time really does fly when you're wasti-- I mean, spending it on Blogger), but I want to reiterate how much I love it! Amazing, Angel!
    (I send a heartfelt "Grrrr!" towards that squirrel by the way. I'm not sure about across the pond, but in Britain we consider them as vermin.)

    1. Hehe thanks. He is a cutie.
      They're not considered vermin here in Canada, (well i know i don't), but i don't think people think they're awesome. I do know that raccoons and pigeons are a problem in the big city here though. (and even stray cats) but i personally love seeing a nice fat raccoon at night going through the garbages. they're so cute.


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