Feb 27, 2012

Galaxy Shirt Tutorial

Is that not the most awesome shirt you've ever seen, or what?! Wanna learn how to make your own? Keep reading...
You'll need some bleach and a little spray bottle. You won't need a lot of bleach (even what I had in my bottle was way too much) I mixed my bleach with some water, but not much.
You're also going to need some fabric paint. I have a lot of acrylic paints so I ended up getting this acrylic fabric medium, which basically turns any normal acrylic paint into fabric paint. Magic. I would say the best colours to use would be white, blue, purple and yellow. (but you can use any you want)
You'll also want to get a black t-shirt or any piece of black clothing.
a) Spray some bleach on your t-shirt . Make blotchy circles, don't cover the whole shirt with bleach though. You want a lot of black space too or it'll look too crowded once you put the paint on.
b) Now start splashing, dripping and smudging your fabric paint. You might want to use a sponge or something similar (paper towel?) but I used my hands. Make sure to wear old clothes and put some newspaper down, because you will get dirty. It's probably better to do this outside.
This is the same shirt but the front of it. I started with the back first to practise.
TIP: Start with the bleach, then splash on some white 'stars', then start making smudged areas of colour. I started with white, then yellow, followed by blue and purple. Build the coloured areas. Make sure they are close together and overlapped. It gives it a nice effect. Then I finished it all off with another coat of white 'stars'. I think they 'stars' look better when they're really small.
I did one side at a time and I let the whole shirt dry overnight and then put it in the wash the next day.
This is my shirt after it was washed. Still looked the same, no fades and the shirt feels the same too. Doesn't feel like theres hard dried up paint stuck to it, you know?

Totally going to make some galaxy tights and/or shorts too. Even thinking about turning one of my old boring black dresses into a galaxy dress. Wouldn't that look cool? Yeah, it's done. I'm doing it!

P.S. What's the difference between a tutorial and a diy?

Feb 26, 2012


The past two days I have been making bows like crazy. It's so fun! I bought and thrifted a bunch of fabric last week. Im hoping to sell them at the Fan Expo and then online maybe?
Do you like big or small bows?

Feb 25, 2012

Weekend - Thrifting & Bowling

This past weekend (I need to learn to post these sooner) I visited my hometown. It was a nice break. Hung out with a good friend, went thrifting and black light bowling!
Aren't these salf and pepper shakers so cute? I like the ginger bread couple.
Some cute little figurines.
Almost ended up getting this plant pot. I kinda wanted to paint it something funky but then I remembered how many things I have around the apartment that still needs painting.
Almost got this too but the other side of the mug was in bad condition.
Nothing was really open Sunday night, except the movies (but you know, I've seen almost everything) So we went black light bowling. It was so packed but it was good times.
That's me bowling like a champ.
Had to take a picture of Tania's dinner. The chips looked to cool.
My favourite thing about going bowling are the shoes. I hope one day I find a pair.
Hope you have a good weekend. :]

Feb 24, 2012

Photo an hour - February 23th

It's my first Photo an hour post! (Yay) I've been trying to do one of these for the longest time but I always forget. Anyways this is what I did yesterday...
Start my day off with a walk around the block with Cap. Then I shower and eat some breakfast.
I relax a bit and finish watching 'But I'm a Cheerleader' on Netflix.
I bought some window sticky things over the weekend and decide to put them up now. Then I sweep a little too.
Check my email and catch up on some blogs while I have a little snack.
I get some dishes done and clean a bit more around the apartment.
I start making my galaxy shirt and play with Captain while I wait for the first side to dry.
Pogo's for lunch while I watch 'Family Guy'. Yum. And some more playing around with Cap.
Start a little sewing project while I watch 'Stand by Me'.
I decide I really like how the shirt turned out so I lay out some more fabric. Then I watch 'Hatchi' while the fabric dries.
I take Cap out for his long walk of the day and have some avocado when I get back home.
I keep sewing some more while I watch 'The Countess' and have some dumplings for dinner around 7.

After that I put some 'Family Guy' on and edit photos for the rest of the night. I know I have such an exciting life.

Feb 23, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday #17

So lovely, I love all the details.

I just like how this looks. Simple yet detailed. Hmm...

I'm a big fan of zombies and I love zombie walks. This girl nailed it.

Love everything about this! The colours are perfect.

This is just really sweet. :]

Feb 21, 2012

Nail Art 26: Teeth

Sorry for the not-so-good picture quality for these ones. I took these at my old job, (these nails are a few months old) using the lights instead of using the natural light from my window like I usually do. So I just took a lot of pictures, hoping at lease one or two would be good enough.
I like teeth.

The teeth were supposed to be soild white but the new top coat made it all crackly. I thought it looked kinda cool so I left them. The teeth on my right hand ended up looking so bad!

Feb 18, 2012

Taste the rainbow

I'm thinking this will make a great T-shirt, what do you think?

Feb 17, 2012

Displaying Glasses.

3D glasses, that is!
You also get to see our little bulletin boards. They're still pretty empty but every few days we add something.
Also, today is my last day at my job. :[ ...more on that later though.

Feb 16, 2012

I want heart pockets

I am so tired. I think Im getting sick.
I have no clue why the background is grey but I can't fix it...and I accidently deleted the original. :[

Inspire Me Thursday #16

Love the artist's style!

So awesome!

I really like how simple this is and the colours used.


End it off with something a bit weird.
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