Jun 30, 2012

Movies of June Review

Oh we were waiting for this one for so long. Although I really liked the movie and it kept my attention the whole time... I felt just a tiny bit of a let down. The trailer made it seem/feel so much better. Maybe it was the awesome music inthe trailer that never showed up in the movie? Either way still such a good movie. But you don't see as many aliens as you'd like it, Well...I wanted to see more of them.
Madagascar 3 Europe's Most Wanted
Yay, Such a fun movie for the whole family. Justin and I were like the only people in the theatre, until at the start of the previews... a random girl and guy came in. Not together and sat far away from us. I guess more people are starting to go to movies alone. (which is cool, I do it too.) This movie was so fun, It did get kind of weird at one point, I was like...wait this is just too 'this-is-a-childrens-movie' but then it balanced itself out. Lots of laughs. Plus I love aything to do with the circus.... and animation and animals and colour. Go see this if you're looking for something light and fun.
Rock of Ages
For some reason I totally forgot this this movie was a musical. The movie started and the girl started singing pretty much right away and my first reaction was, 'whoa...wait. what?' I don't know how I forgot about it. But anyways this movie, maybe not the best but it was fun! There were some parts (with and without singing) where I was like.. ugh. But over all I was smiling, even sang along to a few of the songs. If you're thinking this ones going to be a fun movie for the family...probably not. Lots of adult humour...obviously lots of sex jokes too, etc. I would probably enjoy watching this one again if I was having a girls night or something. And Tom Curise and Russell Brand were the best part of this movie, for me anyways.
Yay. It finally came out! So excited for this for so long. So, Great movie but I don't think it's one of Pixar's best though. (I still really like Up, Wall-e, TS3!) This was such a different take on the classic 'princess' movies we/I grew up with. No prince in this one. I love the ever-growing relationship between the Mother and daughter. That is what this movie is about, the mother-daughter relationship. And actually, in some ways I feel like the Mother learned and grew more than her daughter. Even though this is an animated film, and directed towards kids, (because people always think, oh cartoon = for kids. Not true!) I wouldn't let super-duper young kids see this. There were a few 'scary parts' and maybe some adult humour thrown in there. Over all though, I loved it. I love her hair. It's so crazy!
Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
The day after we saw Brave, we went to go see this one. Justin was really interested in seeing it. It was supposed to be out in our local theatre but that never happened. So we had to travel a bit to see this one. I really liked this movie. I love how different the vampires looked, I like how well they wove together the real story with the made up one. It did feel a bit long at some points but the fighting was great! They made it look pretty awesome. Don't go into this moving with a serious attitude, it's not like that. You're going to see this just for the vampire-fighting-and-look-who-it-is-good-ol-abraham-lincoln! Maybe more of a guy movie but I really liked it.
Yes, we went and saw Ghostbusters at the Fox. I know, not a new movie I shouldn't technically write about it but I did pay to see it in theatre...and it's been a long time since I've seen it. So it was basically a new movie to me. I barely remembered anything! Anways, after seeing this...I think maybe this is one of the very few movies where Im okay if they make a re-make of it. Infact I think it's time. The animation was...so bad. Some of the effects were pretty good. But the demon-dog things..Oh my!

Also, Happy Canada day tomorrow! :D

Jun 28, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday #32

I love colourful photography. This makes me want a bowl of fruit loops, now!
Haha, what a great capture!
I love food art, it's so fun.
A cute drawing of wonder woman. Loveit.
A very colourful drawing of a husky! So pretty.

Jun 27, 2012

Nail Art 36: Pink and Silver

I had this design a while ago. Just found a bunch of photos on my camera the other day. I loved this design and tried keeping them for as long as possible. I've always liked how pink and silver look together. Any bright colour with silver usually works.
Kind of reminds me of the coca cola logo on the cans? (Or am I cray? ...and just love coca cola)

Jun 26, 2012

WIP and Life

Pretty/cute girl number 839j6dr648k8921... you get the idea. :]
Work got extended a bit. Technically we should have been done by now. So (for now...as of now...) I have just less than a month of work left. (Works out great because I'll be done my contract right after my birthday.) So it's crunch time!
I'm a bit behind too and I don't like that feeling of being late/behind on things. Im hoping I'll get caugh up in a few days. Work work work..till I'm very sleepy.
BTW, this was something I started some time last week, just haven't gotten a chance to sit down and finish her. I won't let myself finish her until I get caught up on my work. I think she'll have some cool tattoos and maybe blue hair?

Jun 25, 2012

Thrifty Finds

I went back home last week for a few days. One of the days everybody was out busy doing their own thang...so I went shopping.
This is just some of the things I came back with. Not pictured; Some jean shorts, a bunch of fabric and art supply-like things. I was really excited to find some summer shirts and dresses but Oh my I found nothing! Not even anything to try on. So I went looking for shorts and luckily I found a bunch I liked.
I hope that accordion record sounds good. I'm a sucker for accordions. I mean theres a picture of a bunch of accordion players on it so...must be good right?
Also, sorry. No up-close picture of those shoes. I just needed a new pair of everyday shoes, my old ones were falling apart.
Love this funky jar and for just $2, I couldn't not get it. Is this for candles? I'm going to put my button collection in it.
Probably won't ever use this for soup but I'm crazy about big mugs. You can put so much drink in there!

Jun 22, 2012

Goals for 2012: Update

I thought it would be a good time to make a little update on my goals I made at the start of the year. It looks like I'm about half way there. :]
1. Paint - once a month. (Yes)
I have been painting a lot. Especially now that it's a lot nicer outside and the sun coming in. Makes the whole room brighter. I'd like to think that I am keeping up with this one pretty well.

2. Get more crafty - make a doll. (Not yet)
I haven't started this one. Not even close. I'm thinking I'll probably come back to this after the summer. I seem to like to sew a lot more when it's colder outside.

3. Sew - try embroidery. (Yes)
Yay. I've done this one. I did a few small embroideries, you can find them here and here. I have some more ideas and I hope I can keep up with this.

4. Visit the Zoo (Kinda)
I've visited the Zoo once so far this year and it was pretty good, but crowded. I want to visit again once it starts getting a little cooler because that when it's more empty. I like when the animals are there just for me. :]

5. Sign up for Fan Expo 2012. (Yes)
We did sign up for this years Fan Expo and got in. Yay! Very exciting for us. The next couple of months we'll be slowly prepping for it.

6. Update my Camera. (Yes)
I got a new Pentax K-R and love it!

7. Sell online. (Not yet)
I'll probably start up my online store after the Fan Expo. So near the end of the year.

8. Be healthier. (Kinda)
This one kind of comes and goes. One week I'll been eating pretty good, not eating late, even jogging in the mornings. Then the next week I'll forget about jogging and make some cakes, brownies or something. I'd like to think I'm doing okay. Captain gets about two long walks during the day and I'm usually there for both. I think it's better that I'm kinda trying at this, than not at all.

Jun 21, 2012

Zazzle Interview

Thought I'd pop by and let you all know there's a little interview about me over on the Zazzle blog. I don't get many chances to do many interviews but they are fun. Indeed they are.

Inspire Me Thursday #31

What a cute and colourful drawing! I love all the different birds.
I'd wear these everywhere!
A different take on puss in boots. Love the colours used.
This is just too awesome.
This makes me miss my records and record player back at my Moms.

Jun 19, 2012

Finished: Unicorn

The finished unicorn sketch from a few days ago. I tried hearts, stars and flowers...(you know the usualy) for the hair, but the galaxy/space seemed to fit the best. I went to turn off the layers to play around with the colours some more and thats how I got the first image. I like it a lot.

Jun 18, 2012

Nail Polish and Pez

I was doing some cleaning and decided to take some pictures of our collections. I like how colourful they all look together.
Mmm. Look at all them nail polish. Sadly I have to go through them and find out which ones I'm almost out of. I know a lot of my pinks/reds are almost empty. I need to restock!
Also has anyone seen the new colours for the nail art pens? I want them all!
Okay, I'll admit these are all mostly Justins, but I did get him a few and I got myself a few...
The Hello Kittys are mine!

Jun 16, 2012

Camera Wishlist

My first Camera Wishlist post was made almost a year ago and a lot of the items on that first wishlist I still want/need. But there is also a lot of new things that have caught my eyes lately.
Limited Edition Polaroid SX-70, Way over my price limit, but I can dream right? Just looks so cool!
Keep Calm and Snap On Prints, I'm going to get this print. I don't know when but I will one day. Maybe some time this year.
The Camera Cookie Cutter Set, These are just cute, I don't really need them but I want them.
The Stenoflex: A Darkroom in a Box, I've always wanted to develop my own film. This would be a great way to learn and its got everything you need.

Digital Time-Lapse Camera, I love time-lapse. Im the kind of person that leaves my camera on, pointing out the window just to watch it later really fast. It's just interesting to me.
Wood Camera iPhone Case, I don't have an iphone, and I probably won't have one any time soon but If I did have one, I would want this case.
The SLR Sloop, a Camera Bag to Love, I don't really need a camera bag, I already have two but they are just the typical camera bags you see everyday. The next one I get I want it to look nice. I really like the middle one with all the colours.
Click Click Camera Print, Another print I want.

And here is a list of things I used to want;

Split-Cam, I ended up getting it from eBay and it broke. So I own one but It doesn't work and I can't justify getting another one...
The Juice Box Camera, I got this one a while ago. Probably last year and I love it.
The Tokyo Dreamer Strap, I don't need this because I found some very cool camera straps for a lot cheaper. But these still are very pretty.
Camera Table Dolly, I though I wanted this but I would probably never use it. It's just cool.
The DIY Twin Lens Camera Kit, I ended up getting this not too long ago off eBay.
Polaroid Z340 Instant Camera, I though I wanted this too, until I figured out that it was just a small crappy printer.
Fuji Instax Wide Instant Camera, I thought I wanted this, I still kind of do but I really like my mini one and I don't want to have to buy two kinds of instant film.... or do it?

Jun 15, 2012


Last night I finally sat down and watched 'The last Unicorn'. I'll post up the finished drawing in a few days.
Happy weekend!

Jun 14, 2012

Inspire Me Thursday #30

I loooove this picture. Look at that dogs/wolfs eyes. He looks so confused. Ha.
Jealous of this Pez collection.
Nesting dolls are freakin' awesome!
Pretty house.
A very sweet painting. Love the little detailed dot crown.

Jun 13, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

So it has been a while since I've gone to any thrift stores. Not that I don't want to but I don't really have any that are close by. Back home I would go atleast once a week, especially in the summer time. Last week I had a weird dream and it reminded me of how my Mom and I would go garage/yard sale shopping on weekends when I was younger. She would always be looking for plant pots or stands and I would always check out any toys, CDs and VHS tapes. A lot of my VHS collection was thanks to yard sales!
Anyways this got me thinking...If I can't really go thrifting as much as I want to then lets see if there are any yard sales around. I looked around online and found 4 in my area. I actually ended up finding 5 more while I was out over the weekend, I guess not everyone posts about them online.
(p.s. while I was searching online for yard sales I found an estate sale! It was waaay out of my way for me, but it was in Toronto and it gives me hope that one day i'll be able to go to one!)
The first two yard sales I went to were my favourites!
This is what I came back with. Not a huge load but I'm happy.
The first yard sale I found online was the farthest one for me. I should have gone to this one sooner. I think most of them set up around 8? I was there around 9:30.
Anyways This yard sale had so much vintage stuff but sadly a lot of if was in very bad condition. They had some knick knacks, an old typewriter (it looked so dirty), a very old record player, an old drying rack, some lamps that had deers on them. But like I said everything looked like it was covered in dirt and mud and it looked like no one wanted to touch anything. I did find this cute frame though for $2. The colour really popped at me.
Here are the details, It looks like there is a cat or lion on the top, a deer on the bottom and either just human faces on the sides or maybe trolls?
The next yard sale I found as I was walking back home, I kept seeing signs for it and it had a list of the things they were selling. All I needed to see were the words, 'cameras, records and comic books' and I was there! As I was coming up to the yard sale, there were a  bunch of people leaving with handfulls of stuff and chairs and couches! (good sign) This was a good sale, they had so much stuff! I stayed there for a while, their cameras weren't that great. But they had two boxes of records, nothing I really knew but I found this Gigi record for my friend for only $1.
They also had a lot of glass stuff, DVDs (but there was a crowd around them and I couldn't get by) I found a cute little owl figure but I decided not to get it since I feel like I have too many owl things already.
There was also a box of old comic books. I went through them for justin but then I started finding cat woman and wonder woman comics and I got a few for me too. A $1 each.
Then after going to a few let-me-down yard sales, (advertised as a huge sale but didn't mention it was all baby clothes... people trying to sell things that are clearly ment for the trash can..or just not my thing etc...) I found another ad for a street sale. Oh gotta love street sales. There were about 10 houses in total on that street that were selling, and mostly baby/kid stuff and old furniture. I found a few tables and book shelves that I could have asked about but had no way of getting it back home. I did find one house that had a few boxes of records. Again a lot of them were ones I didn't know about, but I did find Revolver for $2.

All and all a good batch. I'm glad I went out, but I think I have to remember to go to these things earlier.
Anyone else gone to any yard sales yet?
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