Sep 1, 2012


What do I say here. I know, I don't share a lot of personal things here. It's mostly just art, photos and fun stuff. But this is something that is happening and it's changing a lot of things. Justin and I have broken up.
There are a few choices I have to make. Stay and try looking for a job that can pay rent for my own apartment, or move back home. I don't know if I can handle the stress of trying to find a good enough job to support me, and make sure everythings getting paid... Moving home means I'm dealing with parents. I know a lot of people have great relationships with theirs, but mine is just 'okay'. You know when people say 'they love me, they just show it in a weird way.' or 'they mean well.' that is my parents. I know they care and love me. They want what is best. And I love them.. but I just can't handle them for more than a short visit. (I'll be dealing with a lot of 'I told ya so's.') But moving home means I would get help with bills/loans, and rent and food is free. I can just get a joe-job and focus on saving and art/animation and whatever else I want. And then keep looking for a good animation job. And move out when I have money saved and a job waiting.
 It feels like it's going to take forever to feel better and get to where I want to be. But this is how it's gonna have to be. I know everyone goes through this, this isn't new stuff. There are worse things that could have happened... before anyone asks, Captain will not be coming with me. I know he is as much my dog but I wouldn't be able to take care of him and my parents are not big fans of animals, especially indoor ones. Plus I can't lie that he does love Justin a bit more than me. It's true. He was home with him more when he was a puppy. I am going to miss that dumb butt-face dog. He wasn't the perfect dog but he was my dog. I'm sure I'll be able to see him in the future some time. Maybe even babysit him one day.
I'm trying to stay positive. I keep thinking maybe I'm supposed to go home for a reason. Maybe this is my new start. Maybe this is what I need. Maybe this is where I just dive into my work. I'm not sure but I do feel a bit better with each day.

The reason for this post in the first place was to say that the blog might go into sleep-mode for a little while. Not super long, because I really enjoy blogging. But with moving, and getting things organized. Plus limited internet back home and I might not even have a computer... there is a lot to take care of. I will be back though. I don't want to put a time limit on it. But I should be back sooner than later! See you soon.
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