Oct 31, 2012

Spooky Girl!

Happy Halloween. :]
And a GIF version, cause why not.

Halloween via Instax

We ended up going to a Halloween stag and doe and a party! This was our first year where our costumes kind of went together. Justin went as the Joker (the old school version) and I was Robin. I have to admit, this is not a costume I would normally pick out for myself. It was very last minute, and I still didn't have any ideas so Justin surprised me with it. Not bad. I was more happy that we had 'matching' costumes. :]
I ended up bringing my Instax mini (with two packages of film) and my Fisheye. (Knowing me, probably won't get developed for a few months)
My favourtites. I liked how they turned out.
Justin's pretty good at the creepy smile...
This is where I ran out of white film and switched to my coloured ones.
My favourite shot out of these ones is obviously the yellow one. It's a group shot. (If the scanner worked, I would have a blown up picture to show off) The second favourite is my friend, in the blue one playing beer pong. You can see the ball in the bottom right corner of the picture!
I can't wait to see how the pictures from the Fisheye turned out.
Also expect one more post today from me!

Oct 30, 2012

Captain likes Halloween

The best I could do was get Captain a festive collar since he hates wearing anything. But he did a lot better with this one, than the one I got him for Christmas last year. He only chewed on it once, then gave up. Gave up and accepted it. I see that as a sign to keep doing it! Maybe one year I'll actually be able to get him a real costume. Anyways, these were takin this past weekend the day of a Halloween party and it rained all day. So enjoy a cute (soaked) Captain.
He is so cute! Too bad it was raining so much that day.

Oct 29, 2012

Pumpkin Head

For some reason, I feel like she looks kind of like a fairy (faerie?) I think she's cute! Any whoo... like most of my artwork, you can find over on Redbubble. But I must say, I think it looks super cute as a sticker.
P.S. Check out the sketch here.

Super crispy pumpkin seeds

So, you like pumpkin seeds? How about super crispy pumpkin seeds?! Yeah, I made some super awesome crispy pumpkin seeds, they were so good we ate a bowl full.
By the way, this pumpkin seed 'recipe', is pretty close to my other one, Roasted pumpkin seeds.
You'll need; some pumpkin seeds, water, salt and pepper (or whatever seasoning you like) and some oil.
1. After you've cleaned your pumpkin seeds, throw them in a pot of boiling water (with a bit of salt) for about 5 minutes.
2. After the seeds are done boiling, lay them out on a paper towel and let them dry a bit.
3. The seeds don't have to be completely dry. Lay them out in a tray, on some baking paper. Season your seeds with some oil, salt, pepper and whatever else you like. Throw them in the oven at 400 degrees F for about 20 minutes. Shuffle the seeds around at the half way mark for an even roast.
4. Take them out once they're golden brown and enjoy!

Oct 27, 2012

WIP: Spooky Girl

I don't think I've ever posted a screenshot/WIP of an animation I was working on, other than these 3D renders. I'm hoping to finish this one within the next few days and post it around Halloween, since it's supposed to be kind of spooky and weird. Mostly weird. It's almost done!
What do you think is going to happen in this animation?

Oct 26, 2012

Call Centre Rant

I'm unemployed right now, so many of my nights are spent applying online, because no one really wants resumes on paper anymore. Anyways I just want to rant a little. You can totally skip this. I don't expect anyone to really read this. I'm just in a mood to type and type!
Most of my work experience is in call centres (hey they're always looking for people); inbound (my favourite), outbound, cold calls (the worst), warm calls, surveys, etc. But I've never had to sell anything, and I've never done commission based work. I've always been paid hourly, and that's how I like it. I'm not totally against selling stuff to people over the phone, but I just feel bad about it. I'm not the kind of person to push people into buying something, in my eyes whenever they say they don't need something, I'm like, yeah you don't... I just always feel so bad. You lie, you scam people, sell them things they don't need. I just don't feel good about it or myself. In my eyes it's not a dream job, and usually when you're selling things, they want/need you to hit a quota a day, and if you don't after a few weeks they usually fire you. I'm more into the kind of call centres where I'm helping people. You know, they call in with a problem and I help.
Anyways, I've been applying to call centres like crazy. A lot of them are way too far away. Anything that takes over an hour, hour and a half to travel, I can't do it. It's too much time and money. I wasn't getting enough calls/emails back for interviews so I got over my hate for sales and just started applying to call centres that focus on selling over the phone. I need a job.
 This one got back to me right away. I was excited, they weren't super far. I went for my first interview, they talked about what they did. I wasn't too excited about it, but I liked the energy of the company and everyone seemed so nice.
Some weird things happened during my one on one interview. They asked me how I felt about talking to people, face to face about their products. I said I'd never done it before (I was a phone person) but I'd be willing to try it. Then I asked if they did a lot of events, if it was phone calls with a mix of conventions/events? My interviewer replied, that they use a lot of different ways to get their products out to the people. At the time I was happy with this answer. But now that I think about this, that wasn't an answer to my question. Sneaky, I should have read between the lines! Another good example was when one guy asked the interviewer if they did quotas, and they replied that they've never seen anyone get lower than 'insert number here'. Not a real answer! This is how they treat people applying for a job, I don't wanna know how they talk to the customers.
I got invited back for a second interview, always a good sign and I was happy. They told me the second interview would be getting to know the 'team' and your team leader. It would be a day of shadowing. They told me to wear casual clothing and to bring a lunch or money for food. Usually you don't shadow someone until you're in training, so I saw it as a good sign. They wanted me to come back from 8am (which means I got up at 6am) till 7:30pm (which means I got home at a little after 9pm) A full day. A full day! They asked me to come the next day, which means I had to cancel on two interviews. Mistake! I regret this so so sooo much.
I show up early for my second day of interviewing/shadowing. A few others show up, we spend 4 straight hours reviewing what the company is selling, then did a test on what we've learned. We went over some papers we need to review and sign for the company. We get to the last page were our trainer/interviewer tells us about being comfortable at work. (usually at this point I expect a dress code) Instead they start talking about taking breaks, drinking enough water, when it's cold out to wear warm clothing, etc. I got a little confused.
Then out of no where, a guy comes in (the boss man!) and tells us that he has our team leads waiting for us behind him.They're all guys wearing jackets and holding clip boards and lots of papers... 
They're door to door sales people! I'm was so upset. I didn't apply for this! They tricked me! They never said it was door to door, they never mentioned it! I would have never applied to it if they had just said what it was! And now that I think of it, they never mentioned phones either. They just kept talking about good attitude etc. Then I found out that this job is purely commission based. No!! I try to be nice, I ask questions, my team lead doesn't really answer most of them, tells me he'd tell me when/if I get fully hired. (So helpful!) So for about 7 - 8 hours I got to walk around door to door with this guy. I got to watch people get upset with him, aruge with him, start closing door in his face, laugh at him, get a sale then last minute cancel it. etc. But yes he did make sales. We were out door to door until way after dark. I was cold, I wasn't dressed properly to be outside for that long, because surprise, no one told me I'd be outside all damn day! I woud have worn different shoes, and brought more snacks. I had the worst time ever. And at one point I had to use the washroom, surprise we're in the streets, there are no washrooms to use. I had to ask this really dirty walk in clinic if I could use their washroom and his reply was; 'Um, who are you people?' The washroom was so sketchy. Picture ball of toilet paper where the handle should be and no real lock.
And the team lead crap, everyone (around 10 people or less) get dropped off by the company cars to their locations. They drop you off for about 8 hours and then come get you. You're alone all day on the streets! I was told if your phone dies while you're out and you're not exactly where they dropped you off at, then they expect you to find your own way home.
Oh and let me explain the picture above. This is what I was doing while the guy was working, I just kept looking around distracted by everything. The trees looked pretty. I'd look at peoples halloween decorations. I'd watch people walking their dogs and miss Cap. I was just so bored and tired. The guy I was with barely talked to me, he was always speed walking. I thought a lot about what I really wanna be doing. I wanted to go home and paint. I wanted to be working on animation for an awesome studio. I just wanted to do something I enjoyed.
Okay that's enough. I'm just upset. Upset they weren't upfront about what kind of job this was. I'm mad that I wasted my time and money for basically a day and a half for this! Just so mad. I hate being lied to, especially by a company. But I hope this was the worst.
Things are looking up a little, I've got another interview next week, it's animation related, so I'm excited but super nervous. 
I feel a bit better now.

Oct 25, 2012

What I Wore: Red Dress

Headband: Don't remember, but probably Ardene.
Necklace: Don't remember. :[
Mini cardigan: Gift from my Mom
Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Modcloth
Tights: Payless
Shoes: Sears
I found some time, not too long ago, to take some photos of one of my favourite dresses! I originally was holding a black dress in the same style but different material. (It felt kind of cheap) Then I found all these red dresses in the same style but the material was much better quality. Plus black dresses are boring! It's thick but not too much, so I can see myself wearing this one all year round with some layers in the winter time. 
And the tights, love them! Finally have some polka dot tights of my own. Anyone else have a hard time finding tights that are cute and not just one size only? Ugh. I got thunder tights and a booty, I need more material to over those areas, com'on!

Oct 24, 2012

Messy boy

I don't even know how many times this happens to me. Probably like, every day! When he was a young pup, he would do this and I would freak out and think that it was pee. Sometimes I still do...

Oct 23, 2012

Nail Art 45: Eyes

I had planned to do this eyeball design last year around this time, but never got around to it. And I totally lost count of the number of layers of white nail polish I had on...
It's not halloween unless theres some eyeballs!

Oct 22, 2012

Dancing sack

Woo, check out my dancing sack. I know, you're so impressed! I thought it was time that I animated something. Even though this isn't amazing, it's a warm up and that's better than nothing!

Toronto Zombie Walk 2012

This past weekend we attended the 10th Annual (Toronto) Zombie Walk. This was my third year attending, and second year participating. Last year I didn't dress up and just went with my fancier camera to take some photos, you can see the post here. This year, since I was covered in blood and stuff I brought my smaller digital waterproof camera. 
I had a totally different plan for what I'd be wearing this year to the walk but a lot of the stuff is back with my Mom so it'll have to wait till next year. And I am so excited because it's gonna be awesome!
Just a warning, this post is very photo heavy!
A quick photo of us before we left the house. I put cheap dye spray in my hair and it smelt soooo bad!
We arrived just 15 minutes before the walk started, it was so busy. It was also pretty cold, (coldest Zombie Walk I've been to) then it started raining a bit here and there.
P.S. I miss doing panoramics.
I freshened up my blood while we waited to go.
It started to get a lot colder and we were getting more and more hungry. (And Justin was getting tired of the crowds) So, after about an hour or so of shuffling, we decided it was time to head home. It's funny because we only made it around the corner from where the Zombie Walk started!
One more picture of us, heading home.
There were a lot of great zombie costumes, I probably missed a lot of them because I was actually in the walk this year. Which zombie was your favourite (from the pictures)?
Mine would be a tie between, the Mariachi band and the girl dressed up as Darla from 'Finding Nemo'.
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