Jan 2, 2013

Goals for 2013!

It's time to make up some new goals for the new year, 2013! What whaaat.
1. Tattoo.
I should be able to put some money aside this year to finally get my next tattoo. And I have a lot of ideas. It sucks seeing Justin (and other people) getting new tattoos, and I have nothing new. Boo.

2. Print off pictures.
I have a few albums I got as gifts that are still empty, years later. I have a bunch of old vacation pictures (and some everyday photos) I'd love to get printed off and be able to put them in an album for safe keeping. Even display a few in some frames around our apartment.

3. Dress up.
Over the past couple years I've been growing my collection of dresses. I have a nice handful of pretty ones (because I'm so picky with dresses, everything is so short!) but I rarely wear them. The reason? I feel like dresses are for 'fancy' times (like, dinners or fancy parties) But I need to learn to make them work for everyday. I feel like I should try to aim for 'wear a dress once a week' but it'll probably be more like 'wear a dress a few times a month'.

4. Get active/volunteer.
It's time to be a little more active. I'm thinking some sort of weekly class, maybe hot yoga? Ever since we went to the Humane society for some extra training tips for Cap, I've thought a lot about volunteering there. I wouldn't be able to go in like, every other day but even once a week or a few times a month would make me feel good. I'd be happy with volunteering or joinging some weekly class, just to get out of the apartment. Get moving!

5. Use that fancy-schmancy camera.
I only use my fancy Pentax camera a few times a year. I am so afraid of it getting damaged by people bumping into me or dirt getting into the body that I'd rather take my point and shoot with me when I go out. Also it's kind of bulky. But I need to get over that. I need to get back into taking my nice big camera out on day trips and such. Get my money's worth, you know. What's the point of having this nice camera and if it barely gets used?

6. Decorate.
I'd like to decorate our place more. We only really have things up in the living room. The bedroom has like three things up. My work area is pretty empty too. We're going to need some new shelves for the walls to really organize and fully display all our awesome stuff.

7. Save money.
I want to get better at saving money. I'm not horrible at it. A few years ago I was able to save up money for my trip to Poland and Greece. At first it was hard work but I did it. I can do it again, and maybe save more! And I don't want to just save money but also put bigger payments down on my student loan.

8. Online store.
I will have an online store.

9. Animate in 3D/stop-motion.
A while back I was going through my old posts and I found this little stop motion video I did with a friend at school. I miss doing little silly projects like that. (Also check these babies out; this, this and this.) It's also been a while since I've done any sort of animation in 3D. My current work is in 2D mostly, which is great but I do miss 3D sometimes. So I'd like to do atleast one new 3D animation and maybe a few stop motion animations.


  1. Getting a tattoo is on my goal list too!


  2. I hope to start an online store as well. I just have to make time to get it started. Luckily, I won't be doing it alone. I plan on starting it with my sisters. :3 Good luck on your goals and Happy New Year.

  3. Number 5! I had the same problem when I bought my fancy Nikon. I had first I couldn't put it down but then it did go for a little tumble and I had a hard time bringing it with me anywhere. But eventually got over it and now take it everywhere. I'm so happy I did, I would have missed some amazing photo opportunities!


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