Jan 16, 2013

Happy face

A bunch of things that I'm thankful for and are giving me a happy face...
Looking at my work station. It's so colourful!
This picture of Captain because you can see where he's missing a tooth.
And this picture of him because of his wide/freaked out eye.
Finally put up my arrow key fob.
How pretty my nail polish looks all lined up. Also using my second nail polish rack to display my mini figures, for now.
This cute/silly picture of Justin and Captain playing.
And this cute GIF.
Other things making me happy;
Going to hot yoga with Justin, my new-new job, planning movie nights, getting to work from home half the week, lemon tea, sleeping in, getting snail mail, avocado, frozen yogurt.
What's making you happy lately? :]


  1. jealous of your nail polish racks! and your polish collection, for that matter.

  2. What a great post! Thanks for the hot yoga reminder, it's on my list of things I've been meaning to do now :)!

    <3 Megan

    1. ah, it's so awesome. I think i'm addicted to it!

  3. I love all these vibrant colors! And snail mail too!

  4. haha! your dog is too cute! and i love the way you display your nail varnishes! It look like art work! :)

    Also, I'm running an American Apparel / Topshop / Urban Outfitters / Forever 21 giveaway on my blog if you're interested xxx

  5. This put a lovely wee smile on my face. Thank you! I needed that so much (:

  6. Love the wild-eye look. What a cutie

  7. wow i love this place <3 it seems to be so pleasure and nice ! *_*
    <3 and your dog is cuttie !:)

  8. Love your nail polish racks! I knew I wasn't the only one who nerdily indulges herself by rainbow ordering everything! ;)

  9. Your space looks beautiful! I love the colorful instax film on the walls. So colorful and inspiring! :)

  10. OMG Captain is adorable. Pretty sure you should make more gifs of that little furball. Your work station is so pretty. I love all the instax photos on the wall.


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