Jan 9, 2013

Instagram stuff

1. One of my personal goals is to take more self portraits. (I barely have any pictures of myself) So here is one of me heading out to work one morning.
2. My work station! I added a few of my mini's to the wall to make it more colourful.
3. I haven't had any time (or daylight) to take any pictures of my nails. Boo.
4. A family walk on a cold day.
5. My cat hanger, one of my xmas gifts from Justin. I want them all!
6. We thought it would just be the burger meat, but the burger came fully done. Weird.
7. Obviously, big bird. Com'on guys.
8. My new nail polish rack. I love being able to see all my nail polish.


  1. Interesting pictures, great nails!


  2. Love your nails and that cat hanger!

    <3 Melissa

  3. I keep trying to find new ways to display all of my instax photos that I don't use in my scrapbook. Also, I wish I had a nail polish rack like that. I love how you color coded it. :D

    1. I also thought about using string and cliping them with little clothes pins but this was I display more fo them.
      I got the rack from ebay! :D

  4. Yep, definitely big foot! Loving these pictures! Isn't instagram the best? :)
    xo TJ


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